Agreement to Dispose of Waste and Trade Wastewater - New South Wales

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You will require this approval if you intend to undertake development or business that may produce trade wastewater. Trade wastewater is defined as the liquid waste generated from any non-residential property (commercial or industrial, business, trade or manufacturing process) regardless of whether the wastewater is discharged to sewer or transported by tanker to one of Hunter Water?s wastewater treatment works. It does not include domestic wastewater (i.e. water from toilet, hand wash basin, shower and bath wastes).

All companies and businesses operating in the Hunter Water area of operations and discharging wastewater in the sewerage system will need to comply with these requirements.

There are four agreements which reflect increasing levels of risk associated with a particular discharge:

  • Category 1 includes domestic type waste discharge only. Typical business activities include hair dressers etc.
  • Category 2 includes domestic and process water discharge which will likely need pre-treatment prior to discharge or have restrictions on discharge. Typical business activities include small retail foods producers, restaurants, mechanical workshops, butchers, bakers, dentists etc.
  • Category 3 includes domestic and process water discharge where the need for pre-treatment prior to discharge and restrictions on discharge are highly likely. Typical business activities include large retail food producers, car wash, vehicle spray painters, service stations, large pubs and clubs and smaller shopping centres.
  • Category 4 includes domestic and process water discharge where the need for pre-treatment prior to discharge and restrictions on discharge are highly likely. Further, contaminant loads may be significant and / or include restricted substances and multiple businesses may be operating from the one premise. Typical business activities include food manufacture and processing, metal processing, oil refinery, chemical production, municipal swimming pools, hospitals, large shopping centres.

The fees and regulations may be different for each category of discharge.

Please consult your local Council or Hunter Water for information on forms to be submitted.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

A trade wastewater application must provide sufficient information to Hunter Water to allow the determination of potential impacts and the associated likelihood of these events occurring. An application may involve submitting the following:

  • Site plans showing buildings and infrastructure
  • Plans of the proposed or existing treatment system prior to waste entering the sewerage system
  • Technical specifications of the manufacturing trade wastewater system
  • A list of hazardous chemicals.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information regarding eligibility requirements.


ApplyApplication$567.61Category 4 - Establishment
Application$501.28Category 3 - Establishment
Application$141.10Category 2 - Establishment
Inspection$122.63All Categories - Inspection
RenewRenewal$104.21Category 2 - Renewal
Renewal$282.41Category 3 - Renewal
Renewal$401.47Category 4 - Renewal
VaryVariation$111.04All Categories - Variation
GeneralLicence$843.48Category 3 - Annual (includes one inspection every year)
Licence$115.38Category 2 - Annual
Licence$469.74Category 4 - Annual

Administering agency

Hunter Water Corporation

Act(s) name

Hunter Water Act 1994 (New South Wales)

Regulation(s) name

Hunter Water Regulations 2015 (New South Wales)

Contact details

Customer Centre

Operating address:
36 Honeysuckle Drive
Newcastle, New South Wales 2300


1300 657 657


02 4979 9711

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