Working with Children Clearance - Northern Territory

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Persons who have contact or potentional contact with children in certain areas of employment must obtain a Working with Children Clearance Notice.

A person is in child-related work and requires a Working With Children Clearance only if the usual duties of the work involve, or are likely to involve, contact with a child aged under 18 years in connection with:

  • Child protection services provided by or for the Department of Health and Families
  • Children???s services, including child care provided through child care centres, family day care, after school hours care and at special events
  • Educational facilities for children, including government and non-government schools and extra-curricular activities. This includes positions such as administrative staff, school caretakers and school gardeners
  • Juvenile detention centres
  • Refuges or other residential facilities used by children e.g. safe houses, women???s shelters and youth residential programs
  • Hospital wards or any other facilities for health or emergency services in which children are ordinarily patients e.g. child and maternal health clinics, ambulance services, paediatric wards and home visiting programs
  • Clubs, associations or movements with significant child membership or involvement, including groups that are of cultural, recreational or sporting nature e.g. cadets, Scouts, sporting clubs, junior rangers, youth groups, child-focused ethnic or cultural groups. Activities include coaching, billeting and home-hosting
  • Religious organisations and vocations
  • Babysitting or child-minding services
  • Fostering of children
  • Students on placement in work as part of their studies e.g. student teachers and child care workers
  • Transportation services for children e.g. school bus services
  • Private tuition services for children e.g. individual or group dance, music or education tuition and coaching services
  • Counselling or other support services for children
  • Overnight camps for children
  • Road crossing services for school children
  • Sports coaching or sports lessons for children
  • Accommodation services for children in private residential premises
  • Any of the following services, activities or facilities that are provided or arranged for children:

a) gym or play facilities
b) photographic services
c) talent or beauty competitions
d) entertainment or party services.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


2 years.



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Administering agency

Northern Territory Police, Fire & Emergency Services
Screening Authority - SAFE NT

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Care & Protection of Children Act 2007 (Northern Territory)

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Screening Assessment for Employment

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77 Smith Street
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