Permit for Commercial Activity within National Parks (Tour Operations) - Queensland

Service summary

This permit is required to conduct a commercial tourism activity in a National Park.

It is not required in the following circumstances:

  • transport services operating on a regular schedule, e.g. buses and ferries providing public transport.
  • charter vehicles and vessels providing transport only which provide access to and from National Parks.
  • If the Filming/Photography is for 1 to 2 persons without structures.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms

Commercial activity
  1. A commercial activity is an activity conducted for gain. Examples of activities conducted for gain - the hire or sale of goods or services, commercial photography, a guided tour, safari, scenic flight, cruise or excursion, advertising or promoting the use of a protected area as part of a tour, safari, scenic flight, cruise or excursion, advdertising or promoting the use of a protected area as part of a feature associated with a resort or tourist facility on land adjoining the area.
  2. A commercial activity does not include
    1. an exempt activity; or
    2. an exempt media activity; or
    3. filming or photography that -
      1. involves no more than 2 persons; and
      2. does not involve the erection, construction or use of a prescribed structure.


This permit cannot be transferred.


This permit remains in effect for a maximum period of three years, depending on the applicants requirements. Permits can be continued if the operator is planning to continue in exactly the same manner, with no increased capacity and new sites. A continuation fee and permit fees are payable..


You can obtain information on fees from the department's website.


You can apply for this permit by completing the online Application for commercial activity permit.

Please read the information about commercial activities on National Parks, Recreation Areas and Forests prior to completing the online application form.

Should an application for a commercial activity be approved and a permit is granted, the permit holder must obtain a Public Liability Insurance Policy for a minimum of $20,000,000. The permit holder must also indemnify the State against any actions arising out of the activity. Standard indemnity and insurance clauses will be included as conditions of the permit.

Administering agency

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

Act(s) name

Nature Conservation Act 1992 (Queensland)

Regulation(s) name

Nature Conservation (Administration) Regulation 2006 (Queensland)

Contact details

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

Mailing address:
PO Box 15187


13 QGOV (13 74 68)


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