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Guidance, information and advice is provided to local government to improve and coordinate their assessment and management decisions regarding the agistment or travel of stock on the Queensland Stock Route Network.

Persons wishing to agist or travel stock by foot on a stock route or local road need a permit from local government. Applications for stock route travel or agistment permits must be made with the local government where the stock travel is expected to commence or where the agistment is being sought.

The Department provides support through application forms and information sheets/guides for applicants as well as permit forms and assessment guidelines for local governments.

In addition; information, advice, interpretation of legislation, examples and training is provided to local government to improve decision-making.

Contact your local council for further information.

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Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Definition of terms


in the case of stock route agistment permits: short-term static grazing on the network afforded to landholders under certain circumstances, most often drought relief, while they implement other longer-term drought management strategies.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for an agistment permit, a person can only apply if:

  • the person is a landowner and the owner's land is adversely affected by drought, fire or flood; or
  • the person is travelling stock under a stock route travel permit and the stock require agistment for
    1. branding, crutching, dipping, drenching, jetting, shearing or trucking; or
    2. spelling to comply with the owner's obligations under an Act relating to the care or protection of the stock; or
  • both of the following apply
    1. the permit is for either
      1. if the issuing entity is a local government prescribed for section 104 relevant land identified in the issuing entity's stock route network management plan as land containing more pasture and water than is needed for the use of travelling stock
      2. otherwiserelevant land the issuing entity is satisfied contains more pasture and water than is needed for the use of travelling stock
    2. the issuing entity has given notice that a person may apply for a permit for the land.


Fees are prescribed in the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Regulations 2003.

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Publications Available:

You can obtain application forms and guides from local government. These documents are also available from the department's website.

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Department of Natural Resources and Mines
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State Land Operation

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Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Service Delivery
State Land Operation


13 QGOV (13 74 68)


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