Visitors Licence - Queensland

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You require this licence if you are a visitor from overseas and you wish to possess or use weapons in Queensland. This licence is also required to enable interstate licence holders to possess or use weapons for purposes that are not recognised under temporary recognition.

Those from interstate who do not require a visitors' licence include:

  • sports or target shooting;
  • recreational shooting with category A and B firearms;
  • occupational for rural purposes with category A, B and C firearms.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms



  1. a gun or other thing ordinarily described as a firearm; or
  2. a thing ordinarily described as a weapon that, if used in the way for which it was designed or adapted, is capable of being aimed at a target and causing death or injury by discharging;
    1. a projectile; or
    2. noxious, corrosive or irritant liquid, powder, gas, chemical or other substance; or
  3. a thing that would be a firearm as mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b) if it were not temporarily inoperable or incomplete; or
  4. a major component of a firearm; but does not include
  5. an antique firearm, explosive tool, captive bolt humane killer, spear gun, longbow or crossbow; or
  6. a replica of a spear gun, longbow or crossbow; or
  7. a slingshot, shanghai or sword. Example: a replica of a gun capable of causing death or injury by discharging a projectile is a firearm. However, a replica of a gun not capable of causing death or injury by discharging a projectile is not a firearm.


  1. a firearm; or
  2. another thing prescribed under a regulation to be a weapon or within a category of weapon; or
  3. a thing that would be a weapon mentioned in paragraph (a) or (b), if it were not temporarily inoperable or incomplete.

Eligibility requirements

What are the prerequisites to obtaining this authority?

You must have an appropriate licence from a State (other than Queensland) or Territory of the Commonwealth or another Country.

You must provide details of the reason for possessing weapons in Queensland and an itinerary.

You must also provide details of any weapon/s being brought into the country from overseas.

If you do not have a licence you will need to have a police certification and clearance certificate completed.


You cannot transfer this licence.


This licence remains in effect for the duration of a visit up to three months.


You can obtain information on fees from the agency.


You can obtain this licence by submitting a completed form "Application for a visitor's licence" to the Weapons Licensing Branch, Queensland Police Service.

You can obtain copies of these forms from the website at or from a Queensland Police Station. Please contact Weapons Licensing Branch on (07) 3015 7777 for further information.

You must also submit all other required information as detailed.

Additional information

This licence may only be issued:

  1. for an activity that is a reason for possession of a weapon under section 11 of the Act; and
  2. for a firearm or type of firearm
  3. you, as the visitor, are entitled to possess and use in the State or country where you usually reside; and
  4. to you, as the visitor, when you could obtain a Queensland licence, other than a visitor's licence, authorising possession and use to the extent, and for the activity, stated on the licence.

You may be required to provide a permit for the Australian Customs Service if you are importing weapons. The permit is available from the Weapons Licensing Branch.

Administering agency

Queensland Police Service
Weapons Licensing

Act(s) name

Weapons Act 1990 (Queensland)

Regulation(s) name

Weapons Regulation 2016 (Queensland)

Weapons Categories Regulation 1997 (Queensland)

Contact details

Senior Sergeant
Queensland Police Service
Weapons Licensing

Operating address:
Floor 7, 46 Charlotte Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address:
GPO Box 892
Queensland 4001


07 3015 7777


07 3015 7788


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