Horticultural services - dry tropics - Queensland

Service summary

Why the Support is Provided?

To maintain or enhance the productive capacity and sustainability of the horticultural industry in the dry tropics and provide a vehicle for information exchange regarding the Dry Tropics.

What Support is Provided?

Dry tropics horticultural advisory service

Advisory and support services are available to horticultural producers on all facets of production and post harvest treatment including market access, marketing trends and economic analysis.  This includes major vegetable and fruit crops (tomato, capsicum, bean, sweet corn, eggplant, cucurbits and mango).

Advice and assistance is supported by industry seminars, industry publications, articles and newsletters produced by the Station.

Fruit and vegetable production and post harvest research for the dry tropics

Research that has a clear fruit and vegetable industry focus can be requested on a contractual basis.  Services can include total project management, provision of facilities and crops, or can be a joint operation.

Research can fall into the following areas:

  • application of new technologies in agronomics and harvest;
  • production of new crops;
  • investigation of post-harvest technologies;
  • investigation of production issues.
Fruit and vegetable industry product trials

The Station will undertake product trials and provide an independent assessment report on behalf of businesses on any product with applications in the fruit and vegetable industry. Expertise, project management, facilities, crops and equipment can be provided for the trials.

Fruit and vegetable production in the dry tropics - consultancy

The Station's staff are available to undertake consultancies using world renowned expertise and knowledge on any aspect of the production and handling of fruit and vegetable in modern systems, economic analysis and all facets of industry development in the dry tropics.

Dry tropics fruit and vegetable presentations

The Station's staff are available to attend and present at workshops, seminars, field days and promotions which have a clear horticultural focus. Presentation can be on any aspect of modern practices and technologies in dry tropics horticultural industries including:

  • pre-harvest production
  • post-harvest treatment / market access
  • economics
  • marketing
  • strategic planning for the future
Visitor hosting - fruit and vegetable production within the dry tropics

The Station's staff are available to arrange and conduct tours of the Station's facilities and surrounding district's horticultural industries on behalf of agricultural related businesses.

Conference room facilities

The Station has conference rooms available for hire.

Service type

Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Definition of terms


anything to do with crop production up to pre harvest. E.g. irrigation, nutrition, plant protection, varieties, planting techniques, pest control etc.


rockmelons, watermelons, cucumber, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, honeydew melons.

Dry tropics

the coastal and sub-coastal areas from Carmila in the south to Ingham in the north.

Eligibility requirements

Services are aimed at current or potential commercial enterprises and Events must have a clear horticultural industry focus.


Fees may apply and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Genetic Material is supplied by tender agreement.

Additional information

The Station is recognised as a leading authority on all facets of modern vegetable production in the dry tropics.

Research proposals, requests, fees, tours and consultancy services are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Businesses can also gain access to past experimental results that have been undertaken by the Station.

Genetic material is available under Plant Varieties Rights Legislation and information exchange between the station and the commercial seed suppliers on the genetic improvements program activities is actively fostered.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Agri-Science Queensland
Bowen Research Station

Contact details

Ayr Research Facility
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Agri-Science Queensland
Bowen Research Station

Operating address:
Old Clare Road
Ayr Q 4807
Mailing address:
PO Pox 591
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Bowen Research Facility
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Agri-Science Queensland
Bowen Research Station

Operating address:
45 Warwick Road,
Mailing address:
PO Box 538


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07 4785 2427

Customer Service Centre
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


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