Market Licence (Logan) - Queensland

Service summary

You require this licence to operate a market.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms


The use of premises for the sale of readily portable goods, arts or crafts, produce and the like to the public from a temporary stall or a structure not enclosed within a building.

Eligibility requirements

  • Ensure the site has relevant Development Approval to prevent the application being delayed.
  • Plumbing approval may also be required for any new plumbing works carried out on site.
  • Building approval may also be required for any new building works carried out on site.
  • Contact council's Water Business Branch to ascertain whether a permit to discharge trade waste to sewer is required.



Licence is for one year.


All fees, including application and renewal fees, are listed on the application form.


Submit a completed Local Law Licence Application New Licence/Amendment /Transfer Markets & Events to council.

You should submit the following documents with the application:

  • All public liability insurance policies relating to the operation of the market
  • Current certificate of compliance issued by the division of workplace, health & safety for all amusement rides
  • Cash bond as specified to secure compliance with the conditions of the licence
  • Details of the proposed inspection, monitoring or management program
  • Site management plan and waste management plan
  • Site plan (to scale):
    1. location and numbering of all stalls,
    2. location and numbers of sanitary facilities or sanitary conveniences,
    3. location of waste containers,
    4. location and specifications of all amusement rides (if applicable).

Transfer details

You can transfer this licence.

Additional information

Pre-lodgement meetings: Council provides a pre-lodgement meeting service.

To establish the viability of purchasing a business, it is strongly recommended that the potential purchaser apply for a Non Residential Property Information. This search may provide the potential purchaser with either a database report or inspecition of the business for legal compliance pursuant to the relevant legislation.

Local Government Toolbox is an initiative of South East Queensland Councils, providing standardised information on a number of permits, licences, approvals and registrations. This information is available by following the links on the Logan City Council website.

If you intend to sell alcohol you will need a liquor licence.

Administering agency

Logan City Council

Local law(s) name

Local Law 9 (Licensing) 1999

Logan City Council - Subordinate Local Law 9.8 (Events) 1999

Logan City Council - Local Law 12 (Council Property and other Public Places) 2003

Contact details

Logan City Council

Operating address:
150 Wembley Road
Logan Central, Queensland 4114
Mailing address:
PO Box 3226
Logan City DC, Queensland 4114


07 3412 3412


07 3412 3444


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