Advice to Manufacturers, Importers and Retailers on Mandatory Labelling and Safety Requirements for Consumer Products - Queensland

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This advice is provided to clarify manufacturers, importers and retailers obligations under the Queensland Fair Trading Act 1989, to ensure your compliance with the regulations and to promote the supply of safe consumer products.

The Office will provide advice to consumers and suppliers concerning information and safety requirements for consumer products and services enlisted under the Fair Trading Act 1989.

Where Australian Standards are referred in specific regulations, the Office can advise you of the particular Standard No. and issue. You can obtain copies from Standards Australia.

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Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

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Publications Details

This is a list of the current bans and standards. More information is available from the Fair Trading website and the Product Safety Australia website.

Mandatory Standards:

  1. Aquatic toys
  2. Baby dummies
  3. Baby bath aids
  4. Baby walkers
  5. Balloon Blowing kits
  6. Basketball rings and backboards
  7. Bean bags
  8. Bicycle helmets
  9. Blinds, curtains and window fittings
  10. Bunk beds
  11. Care labelling for clothing & textiles
  12. Child restraints for motor vehicles
  13. Children's portable folding cots
  14. Children's toys containing magnets
  15. Cosmetics & toiletries
  16. Disposable cigarette lighters
  17. Elastic luggage straps
  18. Exercise cycles
  19. Hot water bottles
  20. Household cots
  21. Lead and other elements in toys and finger paints
  22. Motor vehicles recovery straps
  23. Motorcycle helmets
  24. Moveable soccer goals
  25. Nightwear for children
  26. Pedal bicycles
  27. Portable aerosol fire extinguishers
  28. Portable non-aerosol fire extinguishers
  29. Portable ramps for motor vehicles
  30. Prams and strollers
  31. Projectile toys
  32. Reduced fire risk cigarettes
  33. Sunglasses & fashion spectacles
  34. Swimming and floatation aids for water familiarisation and swimming tuition
  35. Tobacco products - labelling
  36. Toys for children up to and including 36 months of age
  37. Treadmills
  38. Trolley jacks
  39. Vehicle jacks
  40. Vehicle support stands

Banned items:

  1. Candles with lead wicks
  2. Fire footbags and other such goods
  3. Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices
  4. Glucomannan in tablet form
  5. Mini jelly cups containing konjac
  6. Smokeless tobacco products
  7. Tinted headlight covers
  8. Tongue studs without holes
  9. Toothpaste containing Diethylene glycol (DEG)
  10. Children's plastic products with more than 1% DEHP - INTERIM BAN
  11. Combustible candle holders - INTERIM BAN
  12. Inflatable toys, novelties & furniture containing beads - INTERIM BAN
  13. Monkey bikes - INTERIM BAN
  14. Novelty cigarettes - INTERIM BAN
  15. Pools and spas with unsafe design features - INTERIM BAN
  16. Sky lanterns - INTERIM BAN
  17. Toy-like novelty cigarette lighters - INTERIM BAN
  18. Undeclared knives or cutters in stationery sets - INTERIM BAN
  19. Yo-yo water balls - INTERIM BAN

Additional information

Where no Australian Standard exists for the manufacture/import of a product, then you will be advised of the minimal standards required under current legislation.

In most instances you will be referred to the Australian Standards Office armed with reference numbers etc to minimise the research required to be undertaken in that office.

Product Safety Standard information is available on the Office of Fair Trading website, or from the Product Safety Australia website.

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Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Office of Fair Trading
Consumer Product Safety

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Queensland Government Service Centre
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
Office of Fair Trading
Consumer Product Safety

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