Extractive industries (Blackall-Tambo) - Queensland

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You need this permit to carry out an extractive industry.

This does not apply to operations that are regulated by the:

  • Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999
  • Mineral Resources Act 1989
  • Petroleum Act 1923
  • Water Act 2000
  • Forestry Act 1959.

You do not need this permit for operations involving:

  • coal (as defined in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999)
  • a mineral (as defined in the Mineral Resources Act 1989) or
  • petroleum (as defined in the Petroleum Act 1923).

Certain farm improvement work is exempt from permit requirements. Contact council for further details.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms

Extractive industry

means an industry for the recovery or processing of extractive materials.

Extractive materials

means soil, sand, gravel, rock, stone or other materials extracted from the earth but does not include regulated substances.


means a person who carries on (or proposes to carry on) an extractive industry (and includes a person whose permit to carry on the industry is under suspension or has been cancelled).

Regulated substance


coal as defined in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999,
mineral as defined in the Mineral Resources Act 1989,
or petroleum as defined in the Petroleum Act 1923.


means a place where an extractive industry is carried on.


Contact council for more information on the current application process and relevant form.

To obtain this permit, you may require:

  • town planning approval - (Material change of use)
  • licences from
    1. Department of Natural Resources and Mines
    2. Department of the Environment
  • an environmental impact study
  • a blasting permit.

Additional information

Councils regulate extractive industries to ensure that:

  • Individuals establish, operate and maintain extractive industry operations:
    1. according to essential public safety standards
    2. that do not adversely impact existing infrastructure and services
    3. that do not adversely impact the existing visual and acoustical amenity of the built and natural environment.
  • Industries rehabilitate land used for extractive industry operations during and following cessation of the extractive industry so as to enhance, or at least be consistent with, the built and natural environment
  • Industries make reasonable contributions to the effect of extractive industries on public infrastructure.

Conditions of approval

Councils may specify approval conditions that require you to:

  • take specified measures to protect the safety of persons working on the site and others
  • fence the site and stockpile extractive materials
  • take specified action to prevent or minimise pollution (including pollution of land, water, air or noise pollution)
  • plant and maintain vegetation to screen the site and prevent or minimise visual pollution
  • take action to rehabilitate land affected by the operations carried out under the approval
  • give security for compliance with the conditions of approval
  • make specified contributions to the council towards the maintenance or improvement of roads or other public infrastructure used in connection with an extractive industry
  • keep specified records containing information of a specified kind
  • take out public liability insurance in an amount nominated by the council and to name council as an interested party on the policy
  • require you and any other person who has an interest in or benefits from the operations to indemnify the council against claims for personal injury (including death) and damage to property (including economic loss) arising by, through, or, in connection with the operations
  • regulate site access
  • regulate the accumulation of water on the site
  • regulate the time when you may carry out operations or specific aspects of the operations
  • relate to any other matter prescribed by local law policy.

You need to contact council to determine these conditions.

Business use

The business use of this permit is only for extractive industries.

Administering agency

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council

Contact details

Blackall-Tambo Regional Council

Operating address:
6 Coronation Drive
Queensland 4472
Mailing address:
PO Box 21
Queensland 4472


07 4621 6600


07 4657 8855

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