Lands Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002 - Queensland

Service summary

The purpose of the Act is to provide for management of pest animals and weeds, and stock route network management.

The Act provides for:

  • management of certain plants and animals on land
  • regulation of the introduction, keeping and spread of certain animals and plants
  • establishment of barrier fences to prevent the entry of certain animals into areas of the State
  • planning at State and Local Government level
  • management and control of stock routes and reserves for travelling stock
  • establishment of a Land Protection Council to advise the Minister
  • establishment of pest operational boards.

Business activities related to the above areas are subject to the provisions of the Act.

The following Subordinate Legislation should be examined:

  • Lands Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Regulation 2003

The following Guides or Booklets are available:

A series of brochures entitled 'Pestfacts' and a range of other publications are available through the Department's website.

Service type

Regulatory Obligation

An obligation defined in law. A business must comply with relevant services.

Definition of terms

Declared animal

belonging to a class of animals listed in the Regulation.

Declared plant

belonging to a class of plant listed in the Regulation.

Stock route

a road or route ordinarily used for travelling stock or declared under a regulation to be a stock route.

Additional information

This entry only covers Pest, weeds and animal Route Management. Please see other entry on Travelling Stock Route Network through the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

Persons wishing to keep exotic animals for public display, education or research are subject to this Act and should seek advice from Animal Welfare.


Appeal process


Compliance Mechanisms and Penalties

Authorised persons have powers under the Act to enter, search and seize evidence of offences. Local Government officers may be appointed as authorised persons.

A local government, pest operational board or the Department may issue a pest control notice to a land owner, and if an owner does not comply, may authorize a pest controller to enter land to take reasonable action. The issuing entity recover the cost of control.

Prosecutions are brought before a Magistrates Court and fines imposed where breaches of the Act are proved.

Review or Appeal Mechanisms:

Appealable decisions may be appealed to a Magistrate. A review of stock route permit decisions is made by the chief executive of the Department of Environment and Resource Management.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Biosecurity Queensland
Invasive Plants and Animals

Contact details

General Manager
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Biosecurity Queensland
Invasive Plants and Animals

Mailing address:
GPO Box 46
Queensland 4001


07 3405 5545


07 3846 6371


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