Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Queensland) Act 1994 - Queensland

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The object of this legislative instrument is to protect the health and safety of humans, animals and the environment in Queensland by regulating the supply of agricultural and veterinary chemical products through the adoption of certain Commonwealth laws as Queensland laws.

Under AVCQ Act the The Agvet Code in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act 1994 (Commonwealth) is adopted as Queensland law and is referred to as the Agvet Code of Queensland.

The Agvet Code provides for regulation and control of the manufacture and supply of agricultural and veterinary chemical products, including registration of chemical products and of active constituents for proposed or existing products.

It also provides for the licensing of chemical manufacturers and for the issuing of permits in special circumstances to allow a person to take action, in respect of a chemical product, which is not otherwise approved by the Code.

The Act transfers responsibility for the registration of agricultural and veterinary chemicals to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Service type

Regulatory Obligation

An obligation defined in law. A business must comply with relevant services.

Definition of terms

Active constituent

as defined in the Agvet Code of Queensland, the substance that is, or one of the substances that are, primarily responsible for the biological or other effect identifying the existing or proposed product as an agricultural or veterinary chemical product.



The APVMA has powers under the Agvet Code to monitor and enforce compliance with the Code.

Breaches of the provisions may result in suspension or cancellation of a licence, permit, approval or registration. Fines may also be imposed for offences, or imprisonment in certain cases.

Additional information

Although the Agvet Code has been adopted as Queensland law it is not available as part of the Queensland Act, it can be obtained from:

Electronically: or

Canprint Communications Pty Ltd

PO Box 7456

Canberra MC ACT 2610

Ph: 1300 656 863

Fax: (02) 6293 8333



Appeal process


Review or Appeal Mechanisms

An application may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a review of a decision by the APVMA relating to:

  • approval of a chemical product, active constituent or label for containers for a chemical product
  • refusal, suspension or cancellation of a licence or permit, or the imposing of conditions on them
  • various other administrative decisions.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Biosecurity Queensland
Plant Biosecurity and Product Integrity

Contact details

Principal Policy Officer
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Biosecurity Queensland
Plant Biosecurity and Product Integrity

Operating address:
Level 5
Primary Industries Building
80 Ann Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000


07 3087 8101


07 3087 8328

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