Approval to erect advertising device/temporary advertising devices (Gold Coast) - Queensland

Service summary

Advertising control exists so that advertisements and associated structures complement (or at least do not unreasonably detract from) desirable characteristics of the natural and built environment in which the advertisements appear.

Gold Coast Planning Scheme and local laws permit certain self assessable advertising signs, and you may erect these without seeking approval. Contact council to determine whether the sign you wish to erect requires approval.

If the advertising is visible from a state-controlled road, contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads for information on the State government roadside advertising policy.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms


means an advertisement or sign that is visible from a road or other public place and includes a structure that forms part of the advertisement or sign, or to which it is attached, or on which it is exhibited.

Permitted advertisement

means an advertisement classified as a permitted advertisement (e.g. real estate, construction and election signs).

Eligibility requirements

Read General Information Advice and complete checklist to determine self-assessable development. Read Guide 1 'Making IDAS Development Application'.

  • Complete Form 1 Development Application Part A/Part E for a Development Permit
  • Complete Application to License an Advertising Device


This authority remains in effect as designated by council.


No fees are required for licensing or processing unless the applicant's business operations are:

  • based at a residential property; or
  • based outside the City of the Gold Coast.


You can obtain this permit/licence by completing an 'Application to Licence an Advertising Device' and IDAS Form 1 Development Application' Part A and Part E.

You application must include plans and full details of the advertisement, including its location, content, design, dimensions and construction materials.

Please note, if applying for:

  • Inflatable Advertising Device Permit
  • Temporary ROADSIDE Directional Advertising Device Permit or
  • Temporary Banner Permit

Completion of the IDAS Form 1 Development Application Part A / Part E of a Development Permit IS NOT REQUIRED.

Transfer details

Complete an 'Application for Continuation of an Advertising Device Licence', ensure all parties sign the application and submit it to council.

Additional information

Your advertisement must:

  • be structurally sound
  • not significantly obstruct or distract vehicular or pedestrian traffic
  • be exhibited according to applicable environmental protection policies
  • bear a reasonable relationship to the dimensions of surrounding buildings and allotments so that its presence is not overly dominating or oppressive and it does not unreasonably obstruct existing views
  • be consistent in colour and appearance with buildings and natural features of the environment in which you plan to place it
  • be consistent with the character and values of the environment in which you plan to place it.

You must have public liability insurance.

Administering agency

City of Gold Coast

Local law(s) name

Gold Coast City Council - Local Law 16 (Licensing) 2008

Gold Coast City Council - Subordinate Local Law 16.8 (Advertisement) 7 Div 2 Chapter 2 2008

Contact details

City of Gold Coast

Operating address:
135 Bundall Road
Queensland 4217
Mailing address:
PO Box 5042
Gold Coast Mail Centre
Queensland 9729


07 5582 8211


1300 694 222


07 5596 3653


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