Exploration and Mining Industry Resources Information - Queensland

Service summary

This support service is provided to enhance the prospectivity of mineral and energy resources in Queensland and to facilitate exploration and development

Assistance is in the provision of information on Queenslands mineral and energy resources from published sources, from data submitted by Departmental geologists, exploration permit holders, and generated from geoscientific and mapping work performed by the Department. Verbal and written advice is also provided to potential trade and investment clients..

This information is available from the Geological Survey and the Exploration Data Centre in the following forms:

  • Queensland Digital Exploration Reports System (QDEX), a web-based system for lodging and acquiring minerals, coal and petroleum exploration reports and selected scanned departmental publications
  • access to the Zillmere Exploration Data Centre drill core collection
  • Access to interactive geological resource and tenure maps on the internet (IRTM)
  • Direct links to Geoscience Australias Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS))
  • telephone consultations and replies to written requests, advisory meetings
  • Digital data products, publications and maps for sale.

Service type

Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Eligibility requirements

No specific eligibility criteria apply.


Guidelines, reports, maps, data may be purchased from the Sales Centre.  Promotional and School project information are available free.

Catalogues accessible on the internet.

Geoscience digital data available for 'cost of provision' from the Sales Centre and some are available for free download from the internet.

Some publications are available for free download from the internet

Other resources

Publications Details

Publications available on the Business Queensland website:

  • Queensland Government Mining Journal (FREE)
  • Queensland Minerals and Petroleum Review (FREE)
  • Geoserve Newsletter (FREE)
  •  'Catalogue of Geological Maps'
  •  'Catalogue of Publications' 
  •  sales of maps and publications
  •  digital data for 'cost of provision'
  •  geoscience data is now downloadable from IRTM
  •  company report data free on the website

or for 'cost of provision' - on CD/DVD.

Administering agency

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Geological Survey of Queensland
Geoscience Information

Contact details

Geological Information
Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Geological Survey of Queensland
Geoscience Information


07 3006 4666

GSQ Sales Centre
Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Geological Survey of Queensland
Geoscience Information


13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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