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Service summary

If you have a business which provides higher risk personal appearance services (body piercing, cosmetic tattooing or tattooing) you must hold a licence and only provide services from the premises stated on this licence.

This does not apply to personal appearance services provided in a health-care facility (e.g. cosmetic surgery) or at a declared health service (e.g. acupuncture).

Acupuncture is not considered to be a personal appearance service and will continue to be regulated under Chapter 4 of the Public Health Act 2005. Acupuncture premises do not need to be registered.

Massage provided by a massage therapist is not a personal appearance service.


Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms

Beauty therapy

a procedure, other than hairdressing, intended to maintain, alter or enhance a persons appearance, including the following

  1. facial or body treatments;
  2. application of cosmetics;
  3. manicure or pedicure;
  4. application of, or mending, artificial nails;
  5. epilation including by electrolysis or hot or cold wax
Body piercing

the process of penetrating a persons skin or mucous membrane with a sharp instrument for the purpose of implanting jewellery or other foreign material through or into the skin or mucous membrane. However, it does not include the process of piercing a persons ear or nose with a closed piercing instrument that

  1. does not come into contact with the persons skin or mucous membrane; and
  2. is fitted with a sterilised single use disposable cartridge containing sterilised jewellery and fittings.

a procedure intended to maintain, alter or enhance a persons appearance involving facial or scalp hair and includes cutting, trimming, styling, colouring, treating or shaving the hair.

Higher risk personal appearance service

a personal appearance service involving any of the following skin penetration procedures in which the release of blood or other bodily fluid is an expected result

  1. body piercing;
  2. implanting natural or synthetic substances into a persons skin, including, for example, hair or beads;
  3. scarring or cutting a persons skin using a sharp instrument to make a permanent mark, pattern or design;
  4. tattooing;
  5. another skin penetration procedure prescribed under a regulation.
Non higher risk personal appearance service

a personal appearance service other than a higher risk personal appearance service.

Personal appearance service

beauty therapy, hairdressing or skin penetration that is provided as part of a business transaction.

Skin penetration

a procedure intended to alter or enhance a persons appearance that involves the piercing, cutting, scarring, scraping, puncturing, or tearing of a persons skin or mucous membrane with an instrument.


the process of penetrating a persons skin and inserting into it colour pigments to make a permanent mark, pattern or design on the skin. Tattooing also includes any process that penetrates the skin and inserts into it colour pigments to make a semipermanent mark, pattern or design on the skin including, for example

  1. the process known as cosmetic tattooing; or
  2. the process for applying semipermanent make up.

Eligibility requirements

Businesses providing higher risk personal appearance services need to ensure their premises comply with the building standards in MP 5.2 of the Queensland Development Code.

People who personally provide higher risk personal appearance services must achieve the competency standard HLTIN402C - Maintain Infection Control Standards in Office Practice Settings.  Business proprietors of higher risk services must ensure people they employ or use to provide services achieve this competency standard.  For further information, contact the Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE, faculty of Community Services & Health (http://www.sqit.tafe.qld.gov.au) - telephone (07) 4694 1968.

Teacher contacts:  Karen Coleman - Karen.Coleman@det.qld.gov.au

Details of the competency standard are available at www.training.gov.au.  Alternately, contact your local council or the Communicable Diseases Branch of the Department of Health on (07) 3328 9724.


The licence may be issued for three years, or for a shorter period at the discretion of the local council.


Contact council for more information on the current application process and relevant form.

Additional information

It is an offence under the Summary Offences Act 2005 to pierce the genitals or nipples of a minor (a person under 18 years) as part of a business transaction, or to tattoo a minor. It is no defence that the minors parent or guardian consented to the piercing.

The Environmental Protection (Waste Management) Regulation 2000 contains information regarding the disposal of waste (including sharps disposal).

It is illegal for a person to administer, apply, inject, sell or give away a scheduled anaesthetic or pain reducing substance to another person unless they are endorsed under the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 to do so.

Administering agency

Douglas Shire Council

Act(s) name

Public Health (Infection Control for Personal Appearance Services) Act 2003 (Queensland)

Contact details

Douglas Shire Council

Operating address:
64-66 Front Street
Mossman, Queensland 4873
Mailing address:
PO Box 723
Mossman, Queensland 4873


07 4099 9444


1800 026 318

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