Development Approval (for Aquaculture) - Queensland

Service summary

You require a development permit for Material Change of Use (aquaculture).

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms


the cultivation of live fisheries resources for sale.


very young finger sized fish.


framework or wall run out to check drifting of beach and so stop encroaching of sea.

Live fisheries resources

oystering, pearl culture, cage culture, hatcheries, fish, prawn and crayfish farming, culture of marine plants, marine worms, crabs etc.


affording passage for ships.

Oyster area

a specified area identified and licensed for commercial oystering activities.

Oyster ground

includes an oyster bank and land below high water mark suitable for oystering operations or where oysters are found.

Oystering operations

the catching, cultivation, culling, maturing (whether on sticks, trays or other cultch) or taking of oysters, for the purpose of sale, trade or other purpose of any kind directed to gain or reward.

Pearl farming

artificial propagation of pearls in pearl oysters.


on river bank.

Eligibility requirements

For land based activities only a DA is required. For activities in state waters a Resource Allocation Authority is required in addition to a DA. A development plan must also be completed when submitting this application.


The development approval applies to the parcel of land and there is no time limit on the approval.


All fees are assessment fees. See the  List of aquaculture fees at . For further details of fees please contact the agency.


You can apply for this development authority by completing the relevant application forms prescribed under the Planning Act 2016. Forms are obtained from your local authority (Council) or from the Department of State Development website.

Various sections are required to be completed and submitted to the relevant assessment manager for your application with the appropriate fees.

Forms required for the Development Application include:

  • IDAS Assessment Checklist
  • Common Details
  • Aquaculture

The Aquaculture Approvals section of the Department's website has information that will assist applicants to complete the application forms.

The Department may require additional information to support your application.

Transfer details

This approval is issued to a land parcel and cannot be transferred.  If the land is sold the approval becomes the responsibility of whoever has tenure over the land (in such circumstances the Department must be formally informed of any changes to the personal contact details within 28 working days).

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Fisheries Queensland
Regulatory Reform and Consultation

Act(s) name

Planning Act 2016 (Queensland)

Contact details

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Fisheries Queensland
Regulatory Reform and Consultation

Operating address:
Level 5
Primary Industries Building
80 Ann Street
Brisbane, Queensland 4000


07 3087 8035


07 3087 8002


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Customer Service Centre
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries


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07 3404 6999


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