Building filling & excavation within flood plain (Logan) - Queensland

Service summary

You require this approval to carry out any engineering works (building, filling and excavation) within council's defined flood plain.

Engineering works within the flood plain are regulated to ensure that such works:

  • do not result in the danger to life or property
  • detrimentally affect flood levels or velocities in time of flood
  • protect existing development from an increased flood hazard
  • integrate such works with conservation, recreation and land care planning, emergency services planning and landscape, heritage and environmental protection
  • ensure strategic community facilities required during emergency services are outside and significantly above the flood plain
  • ensure new development in flood prone areas does not impose further burdens on emergency services resources.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms


the term as described in the Building Act 1973.

Engineering works

means any building or filling or excavation or infrastructure works within the flood plain.


the removal of soil, earth or any other material or substance from the land to lower the ground level of the land.

Extractive industry

means an industry for the recovery or processing of extractive materials.

Extractive materials

means soil, sand, gravel, rock, stone or other materials extracted from the earth but does not include regulated substances.


the deposit of any material or substance on the land to raise the ground level of the land.

Flood hazard

the potential for damage to property or persons due to flooding.

Flood level

the surface level of a flood described in terms of the Australian height datum.

Flood plain

that part of the flood prone land which is inundated by the designated flood which has a discharge of more than 100 cumces and as shown on Councils designated flood maps.

Flood prone land

the land which would be inundated by the probable maximum flood.

Infrastructure works

works (including filling and excavation) in respect of the construction of infrastructure utilised by the public such as roads, railway lines, bridges, dams, drainage, water supply, power, gas, telecommunications and sporting fields.


means a person who carries on (or proposes to carry on) an extractive industry (and includes a person whose permit to carry on the industry is under suspension or has been cancelled).

Probable maximum flood

the flood calculated to be the maximum which is likely to occur.

Regulated substance


coal as defined in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999,
mineral as defined in the Mineral Resources Act 1989,
or petroleum as defined in the Petroleum Act 1923.


means a place where an extractive industry is carried on.


Contact council to determine applicable fees.


Contact council for more information on the current application process and relevant form.

You may require a development permit (Material change of use, Operational works) and also do the following:

  • an environmental impact study
  • a flood impact study
  • a topographical survey
  • obtain a blasting permit.

Additional information

You are required to submit the following details with each application (including a general description of "typical" conditions of approval) as set out in the following guidelines available from council:

  • Guidelines for building in flood regulated land
  • Guidelines for filling and excavation in flood regulated land

You are also advised to seek assistance from council in the matter as well as address any details outlined in the relevant guidelines above.

Administering agency

Logan City Council

Contact details

Logan City Council

Operating address:
150 Wembley Road
Logan Central, Queensland 4114
Mailing address:
PO Box 3226
Logan City DC, Queensland 4114


07 3412 3412


07 3412 3444

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