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Advertising control exists so that advertisements and associated structures complement (or at least do not unreasonably detract from) desirable characteristics of the natural and built environment in which the advertisements appear.

The objects of this local law are to ensure that your business signs and associated structures:

  1. are constructed and maintained to essential standards of public safety
  2. complement the desirable characteristics of the built and natural environment in which the signs are exhibited
  3. are of high quality and are innovatively designed so as to effectively communicate the information contained.

If you are advertising on a state-controlled road, contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads for information on the State Government roadside advertising policy.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Definition of terms


means an advertisement or sign that is visible from a road or other public place and includes a structure that forms part of the advertisement or sign, or to which it is attached, or on which it is exhibited.

Permitted advertisement

means an advertisement classified as a permitted advertisement (e.g. real estate, construction and election signs).


means a structure or device that is visible from a road or other public place and which conveys information or directions of any kind (other than a sign or device exhibited pursuant to the authority or requirements of an Act). The term includes any structure forming part of the sign or to which the sign is attached or on which it is exhibited. This includes a vehicle that is advertised or displayed for sale.


This authority remains in effect as designated by council.


As fees vary you should contact council to determine applicable fees, which may include:

  • application fee (broken into categories: under 2m in height & 2m in height and over)
  • annual licence fees.

If your sign is impounded by council officers you will incur a release fee.


To obtain approval under the Local Law for your sign you will need to submit a completed Application for Sign Approval to council. The form should be signed by the property owner, have the correct application fee and be accompanied by relevant details relating to the sign such as:

  • site plan of sign location
  • sign size and dimensions
  • details of when the sign is to be displayed
  • engineering details if the sign involves erection of a structure.

Certain signs may require a further development permit for building works in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 and Building Act 1975. This is usually required for all sign structures that are either:

  • freestanding and over 2 metres in height from ground level, or
  • freestanding and greater than 1.2 metres in width, or
  • signs that form a separate structure when attached to an existing building or structure.

Building Works approval may be obtained from either Redland City Council or a private certifier.

Submit completed application to the Development Standards Team at the address specified on the front of the application form.

Find forms and guidance at the links provided.

Transfer details

You can apply in writing to transfer this registration. Prior to transferring you must submit authority from the property owner, and pay any outstanding signage fees.

Administering agency

Redland City Council

Local law(s) name

Redland City Council - Local Law 11 (Control of Signs)

Contact details

Redland City Council

Operating address:
Corner Bloomfield & Middle Streets
Cleveland, Queensland, 4163
Mailing address:
Cleveland, Queensland 4163


07 3829 8999


07 3829 8765

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