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Interim water allocation (IWA) is required to take water supplied by an interim resource operation licence (IROL) holder or a resource operations licence (ROL) holder. It is an interim authority that will remain in place until water trading is established in the area via a water resource plan and resource operations plan.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

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Interim Resource Operations Licence IROL)

in general terms, an IROL is an interim licence granted to certain water service providers (eg SunWater) to commercially supply water to its customers until a water resource plan and resource operations plan is prepared for the area. The licences contain details of the licence holder, details of water infrastructure such as dams and weirs covered by the licences, operating arrangements for the water infrastructure, interim water allocations under which water is to be stored and supplied to customers by the licensee, water sharing rules and monitoring and reporting requirements.

Interim Water Allocation (IWA)

an authority, and any conditions attaching to that authority, to take water managed under an IROL or ROL that represents a volumetric share of water.


Transfer to other land

While IWA usually attaches to the land, IWA in some prescribed areas can be transferred to other land provided that the requirements in S8 & 9 of the Regulation are met.

Transfer to the other owner

If the IWA holder intends to cease to be the owner of the land, the IWA holder may apply to transfer the IWA to the person who will be the owner of the land. However, if the IWA holder does not apply to transfer the IWA, the IWA transfers by default to the registered owner of the land immediately the IWA holder ceases to be the owner.

If a disposal of any part of the land which the IWA attaches is made, the IWA will be jointly held unless the parties apply for separate replacement IWA within 60 business days of the disposal of the part of the land.

Required before transferring this authority:

  • To other land - See section 9 of the Regulation.
  • To another owner - Application on the approved form.

To transfer:

  • To other land - contact the department.
  • To another owner - the IWA defaults to the registered owner of the land, or ou can transfer this IWA by applying in writing on the approved form to the contact office at the address given on the website.

Required before transfer is granted:

  • To other land - if conditional approval is given, the applicant must confirm their intention to proceed with the transfer on the approval form.
  • To other owner - nil, unless the department requests information.


An IWA remains in effect until converted to a water allocation.


See Interim water allocations in other resources below.

Other resources


Information on how to apply is available on the Business Queensland website.

Additional information

A development permit issued under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 is required to physically construct the works necessary to take or interfere with water.

Administering agency

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Service Delivery
Water Services Support, Regional Support

Act(s) name

Water Act 2000 (Queensland)

Regulation(s) name

Water Regulation 2002 (Queensland)

Contact details

Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Service Delivery
Water Services Support, Regional Support


13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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