Commercial vehicle (Brisbane) - Queensland

Service summary

A commercial vehicle parking permit is needed for:

  • passenger carrying vehicles wanting to access commercial vehicle loading zones for the purpose of loading or unloading goods this includes station wagons and sedans,
  • taxi vehicles and limousines waiting for passengers.

Vehicles that are entitled to use commercial vehicle loading zones without a permit include:

  • utilities, including dual-cab utilities, trucks, vans and panel vans which do not have any rear seating or rear seatbelts,
  • any other vehicle type which has been modified for carrying goods, for example by removing all seating and seatbelts in the rear. The vehicle must first be re-classified by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and carry a registration label reflecting the same,
  • a taxi or limousine, only while actively picking up or dropping off passengers. They are not allowed to wait for fares in these zones.

Note: all other passenger vehicles are not permitted to use commercial vehicle loading zones unless they obtain a commercial vehicle permit.


Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

The vehicle must be currently registered.


Permits can only be transferred under the permit holder's details if the permit holder:

  • buys a new vehicle and sells the old vehicle or
  • exchanges the vehicle under a lease

You must:

  • return the original permit
  • complete a new application form and tick the 'transfer' box

The permit cannot be transferred to a different permit holder (person or organisation). If the vehicle is sold or the lease agreement ends, the permit must be removed from the vehicle. If the new owner or lessee requires a Commercial vehicle permit, they must apply for a new permit.

If the permit is not transferred to a new vehicle, a pro rata refund (based on the number of days remaining on the permit) may be available for any unused permit period. Please contact the Brisbane City Council for further information.


Can be renewed annually. Short term - for the period specified on the permit, cannot be renewed.


You can obtain a schedule of fees from council.


Complete the Commercial vehicle permit application form and submit it to council by mail or in person at your nearest council regional business centre.

All questions on the form must be answered.

If the permit is to be registered in a company name, an authorised company officer must sign the application.

A replacement permit can be issued when the:

  • permit has been lost or stolen and will be put back onto the same vehicle
  • vehicle holding the permit is being replaced.

If applying for a replacement permit, contact council for an interim number while you wait for the replacement permit. Once you receive this number, write it on a A4 piece of paper and place it on the car's dashboard.

Additional information

Commercial vehicles are vehicles constructed, fitted or equipped for the carriage of goods. They include utilities, trucks, vans and panel vans. Commercial vehicles do not usually require a Commercial vehicle permit to use commercial vehicle loading zones. Commercial vehicles can use a commercial loading zone for up to 20 minutes without a permit.

If a commercial vehicle is also fitted for carriage of passengers, (i.e. back seats and seat belts) then they do require a Commercial vehicle permit. Dual cab utilities are exempt from the requirement.

Taxis and Limousines can use commercial loading zones provided they are actively dropping off or picking up passengers. They can not be waiting for a fare.

All other vehicles, e.g. sedans and station wagons, must obtain a Commercial vehicle permit to use commercial vehicle loading zones.

The maximum period of time any permitted vehicle can use a commercial loading zone is 20 minutes.

The permit must be clearly displayed on the windscreen.

Administering agency

Brisbane City Council

Local law(s) name

Brisbane City Council - Local Law 14 (Parking and Control of Traffic) Part 4

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