Supported Residential Service Registration - Victoria

Service summary

You will require this registration if you operate a supported residential service. A supported residential service (SRS) is a facility where accommodation and personal support are provided to residents who need support in everyday life (such as people who are frail or disabled).

SRS facilities are privately operated services that are run on a commercial basis (for profit), and do not receive government funding. The following services are not considered to be SRS:

  • residential premises where accommodation, personal support or nursing care are provided to people who are eligible for a residential care subsidy
  • registered disability services
  • approved Mental Health services
  • welfare services or out of home care services provided to children under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005
  • registered retirement villages
  • services provided under a funding and service agreement with the Victorian or Commonwealth Government.

Your registration will specify the number of beds you are authorised to provide, and the number of people you are authorised to accommodate.

A registered facility cannot be altered or extended without the approval of the Agency.

If you, or one of the directors of your organisation, will not be able to direct the day-to-day operation of the service at any time, you must employ a person to manage the service. You must apply to the Agency for approval within 7 days of appointing a person as manager.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for registration you must:

  • provide any information and documents required by the Agency
  • complete the relevant application form.

In considering whether your premises are suitable for registration as a supported residential service, the Agency will consider:

  • the suitability of the building and site
  • whether you have obtained the appropriate permits to use the facility as a supported residential service (including planning and health approvals from your local council)
  • your suitability as a manager and relevant skills and knowledge, or that of each director and officer of your organisation
  • your financial capacity
  • whether you have the relevant arrangements in place to operate the supported residential services (such as rostering arrangements or a staff recruitment plan).

Ongoing requirements

If the registration is in the name of a corporation, or other business entity, whenever a new director or officer of the corporation is appointed, the owner must apply to the Agency for approval of the appointment.

The Agency will assess the new director/officer's suitability and capacity to manage a supported residential service. You will be subject to ongoing requirements including:

  • Developing on-going support plans for residents;
  • Compliance with accommodation and personal support standards;
  • Monitoring health care and personal support issues of residents;
  • Maintaining adequate standards of storage, distribution and administration of residents' medication; and
  • Minimum staffing requirements.


One-off registration.



Approval of manager. Fees for 2016-17.


Fees for 2016-17.


Approval for new director. Fees for 2016-17.


Approval of extensions or alterations. Fees for 2016-17.


Variation of registration. Fees for 2016-17.


Registration (change of ownership). Fees for 2016-17.

Administering agency

Department of Health and Human Services
Supported Residential Service Program

Act(s) name

Supported Residential Services (Private Proprietors) Act 2010 (Victoria)

Regulation(s) name

Supported Residential Services (Private Proprietors) Regulations 2010 (Victoria)

Contact details

SRS and Accommodation Support Unit
Department of Health and Human Services
Supported Residential Service Program

Operating address:
50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Mailing address:
GPO BOX 4057
Melbourne, Victoria 3001


1300 650 172

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