Registration of Building Practitioners - Building Surveyor - Victoria

Service summary

You will require this registration if you intend to operate as a Building Surveyor.

Building Surveyors make sure that construction projects meet building regulations. They assess design documentation for compliance, give directions and issue building and occupancy permits, notices and orders. Building Surveyors inspect buildings during construction to check that the building is being constructed in accordance with the approved plans and according to regulations and standards.

There are two classes of Building Surveyor registration:

  • Unlimited: a Building Surveyor (unlimited) has an unrestricted scope of work.
  • Limited: a Building Surveyor (limited) has a restricted scope of work and is able to certify buildings up to three storeys and with a maximum floor area of 2 000 square metres.

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Please consult the responsible agency for more information.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To obtain a certificate of registration as a Building Surveyor you must:

  • have the specified educational qualifications in the particular class plus the specified period of practical experience, or the equivalent total in work experience
  • complete the application form and support the application with details of your training, professional memberships, business operations and in some categories, samples of work
  • satisfy the agency that you are of good character and fit to work as a building surveyor (the Agency will take into account matters such as your criminal record, and whether you have previously been insolvent)
  • hold the relevant qualifications
  • have appropriate insurance (required insurance for building surveyors is determined by the Agency)
  • provide a signed authorisation allowing the Agency to conduct a National Police Certificate check
  • lodge the application form and supporting copy documentation, including photographic ID, with the agency together with the prescribed fee.

You will also require one of the following:

  • Unlimited: Degree in building surveying and three years practical experience.
  • Limited: Advanced Diploma in building surveying and two years experience.

The Agency may require you to undergo an assessment by a board member, industry expert or workplace assessor prior to your registration being approved. The assessment will cover your knowledge and skill in areas relevant to the practice of a building surveyor.

Ongoing requirements

Ongoing registration is subject to satisfaction of specified requirements including industry training and standards compliance, as determined by the agency.





Please consult the responsible agency for information on fees to be submitted with your application.



Building Surveyor Registration Application - Please consult the responsible agency for more information.

Administering agency

Victorian Building Authority

Act(s) name

Building Act 1993 (Victoria)

Regulation(s) name

Building Regulations 2006 (Victoria)

Contact details

Building Practitioners Board
Victorian Building Authority

Operating address:
Goods Shed North
733 Bourke Street
Docklands, Victoria 3008
Mailing address:
PO BOX 536
Melbourne, Victoria 3001


1300 815 127


03 9618 9046


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