Registration of Vocational Education and Training Organisations - Victoria

Service summary

You may require this registration if you intend to operate a vocational education and training (VET) organisation. A VET organisation registered in Victoria can only offer qualifications and courses to domestic students. These qualifications and courses must only be offered within Victoria and Western Australia only.

Courses are registered in Victoria by the Agency where there is a gap between the current industry needs and the nationally accredited training packages.

Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance (if any) that may be required.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for registration you must:

  • meet the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) Standards for Accredited Courses
  • demonstrate that there is a clearly established industry, industry sector, enterprise or community need for a new course
  • demonstrate why the current units of competency are not sufficient to cover the content
  • have an appropriate steering committee that represents industry and other stakeholders and has at least one person who has demonstrated skills and experience in the development of competency-based curriculum
  • ensure that the proposed course is appropriately named (see the AQTF nomenclature policies)
  • show that you are clear on the intended outcomes of the course
  • submit a completed application form in the accepted format, and pay the required fees.

Please note that any organisation or individual may develop and submit a course for registration. However, if your organisation intends to provide a nationally recognised statement of attainment or qualification, it must become a registered training organisation (RTO).

Please consult the responsible agency for more information regarding eligibility requirements.

Ongoing requirements

Before the registration period for the course expires, copyright owners will need to apply for re-registration.

An annual meeting must be arranged by the chief executive officer between 1 January and on or before the 30th June or at a later date if the Secretary writes approval. This meeting must be advertised in a newspaper circulating the local area and open to the public. Financial statements, reports on services provided and other matters must be brought up in the meeting.


At least one year and up to five years.



Assessment of application. Fees fees for 2016-17.


Fees for 2016-17.


Additional fees will be added according to the number of qualifications, units and delivery sites. Please consult the responsible agency for more information.



The application process occurs through a few stages:

  • preparation, research and consultation
  • notification of intention to register
  • course development
  • registration panel
  • VRQA confirmation of registration
  • delivering and maintaining courses.

Approval time

Course development stage takes between three and twelve months. The registration panel stage normally takes at least three weeks but can take considerably longer.

Additional information

Obtaining registration will formally recognise the courses you offer have national qualifications not covered by nationally endorsed Training Packages, and ensure the courses meet national quality assurance requirements.

The governing board of an adult education institution must prepare and submit a strategic plan to the Minister at a time and date determined by the Minister.

The governing board must also prepare a statement of corporate intent each year in consultation with the Secretary. It must be consistent with the strategic plan and specify services provided, funds, objectives, performance indicators and any other matter determined by the Minister.

Administering agency

Department of Education and Training
Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority

Act(s) name

Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Victoria)

Regulation(s) name

Education and Training Reform Regulations 2007 (Victoria)

Contact details

VET Accreditation
Department of Education and Training
Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority


03 9637 2806

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