Marine Order 97 (Marine Pollution Prevention - Air Pollution) - Australian Government


You are required to comply with this Marine Order if you intend to operate a regulated Australian vessel for commercial or recreational use, or a foreign vessel within Australian waters.

This Order gives effect the International Marine Pollution (MARPOL) Annex VI, which limits the main air pollutants contained in ship exhaust gas, including sulphur oxides and nitrous oxides. Annex VI also prohibits deliberate emissions of ozone depleting substances, and outlines the standards for shipboard incineration and the emissions of volatile organic compounds from tankers.

Specified vessels are required to have the following pollution certificates, issued by the agency or another relevant organisation:

  • Engine International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (EIAPP).
  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP).
  • International Energy Efficiency Certificate (IEE).
The conditions for the issue of the above certificates are outlined in the Order.  If you are carrying solid bulk cargoes which are harmful to the marine environment, you will have to classify and declare. The criteria for determining the classification of the cargoes has been inserted into Appendix I to Annex V of MARPOL.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance that may be required.

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Code of Practice

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Act(s) name

Navigation Act 2012 Australian Government

Protection of the Sea (Prevention of Pollution from Ships) Act 1983 Australian Government

Regulation(s) name

Marine Order 97 (Marine Pollution Prevention - Air Pollution) 2013 Australian Government

Administering agency

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Marine Environment Division

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Marine Environment Division

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Operating address: 82 Northbourne Avenue
Braddon, Australian Capital Territory 2612
Mailing address: GPO BOX 2181
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601
Phone: 02 6279 5627
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