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Under trade measurement laws, the sale of alcohol must be in reference to the volume in millilitres (mL) or litres  (L) of the beverage. As measures such as 'shots', 'schooners' and 'middys' do not have a set value of measure, you must display these items with a corresponding volume (eg, 'shot - 30mL', 'schooner - 200mL').

The cost of wine and beer is determined by the volume in millilitres and litres. As such, non-approved vessels such as mason jars, growlers and squealers are required to have an accurate measurement displayed with the appropriate cost to ensure all customers are able to access a standard amount.

Some beers are sold on tap into non-standardised vessels such as mason jars and takeaway containers. There must be an accurate means of measuring these beverages for sale.

Failure to provide an accurate measurement of liquid may result in a fine of up to $34 000 per offence for individuals or up to $170 000 for organisations.

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National Measurement Act 1960 AG

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National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009 AG

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Alcoholic spirits must be sold in 15mL, 30mL and 60mL quantities. All dispensers must be approved by the NMI. Alcoholic spirits delivered by simple measures must be accurate.

A batch-tested glass or jug may be made of any approved material with a marked measure. All glasses or jugs must be made of rigid or semi-rigid materials.

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Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

National Measurement Institute

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