Application to Revoke an Individually Droughted Property (IDP) Declaration - Queensland


Where your property has received sufficient rainfall to replenish water and pasture supplies, or in cropping areas, a rechard of underground water supplies and adequate soil-moisture levels and opportunities for planting crops, you may want to apply to have your drought declaration revoked.  This form can be completed to have your IDP declaration revoked or have your property individually revoked from a shire or area declaration.

When you drought declaration is revoked, your access to fodder and water subsidies through the Drought Relief Assistance Scheme (DRAS) and all other state assistance will stop.  However, you may be able to apply for freight subsidies for returning from agistment and restocking your property.

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Support Service

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Eligibility requirements

Your property will be eligible for drought revocation when it has received enough rain to:

  • promote sufficient pasture growth to allow stocking at normal or near normal carry capacity
  • replenish the stock-water supplies to an extent that allows the normal stocking rate to be maintained

Additional information

Complete the form and lodge it online.  The form will be electronically forwarded to the Climate Risk Coordinator in your region, who will assess the application, asking for input from other departmental officers and Local Drought Committee members as necessary.  Your property may then be inspected by Local Drought Committee members or departmental officer, who will make a recommendation to the Climate Risk Coordinator.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Agriculture and Forestry

Land Management

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Land Management

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