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The applicant for a permit must be a legal entity (eg person(s) or company). Note: a business name or shop name is not a legal entity and cannot be the permit holder.

Applications for permits to exhibit a sign or advertisement on a public place relate to temporary signs with a face area of up to 2.4m2.

For signs or advertisements larger than 2.4m2 you need to check with council's Development Assessment Branch that your advertising sign complies with the advertising code under the council planning scheme and has the relevant development approval or building work approval, if required.

All types of advertising signs on council land (roads, footpaths, parks, bridges, and land owned or occupied by council etc) require a local law approval and the issue of a permit from council.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

Your application must include:

  • a fully completed application form and payment of the prescribed fee.
  • a copy of your public liability insurance certificate of currency. The sum insured is to be a minimum of $10 million and must note the interests of Logan City Council.
  • a location map.
  • details of the dimensions and construction of the sign.
  • if the sign or advertisement is to be located on a state-controlled road, written permission from the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The sign or advertisement must:

  1. only be exhibited at an approved location
  2. not obstruct access to neighbouring premises
  3. not detrimentally affect the amenity of neighbouring premises
  4. The exhibition of the sign or advertisement must not:
    1. create a traffic problem or
    2. increase an existing traffic problem or
    3. detrimentally affect the efficiency of the existing road network or
    4. obstruct pedestrian movement.
  5. The exhibition of the sign or advertisement must not constitute a risk to road safety or the safety of pedestrians.
  6. The sign or advertisement must be positioned to maintain clear sight lines for vehicles or pedestrians at road junctions, vehicle accessways or pedestrian crossings.
  7. The sign or advertisement must be maintained at all times:
    1. in a good working order and
    2. in a good state of repair and
    3. in a clean and sanitary condition.
  8. The sign or advertisement must be weighted to ensure stability.
  9. The holder of the permit must take out and maintain public liability insurance in an amount not less than $10 million that covers the use of the footpath for the exhibition of the sign and indemnifies the local government in respect of any liability arising from the exhibition of the sign or advertisement.


Permits may be issued for a short term, depending on the duration of the activity. On-going permits expire on 30 June each year and you will be sent a renewal notice that will require your immediate attention. The maximum term of a permit is 12 months.


Application fees are identified in the application form.

Other resources

Act(s) name

Local Government Act 2009 Queensland

Local law(s) name

Local Law 12 (Council Property and Other Public Places) 2003

Application process

You can obtain this licence by submitting a completed Application for a Permit for a temporary Sign or advertisement on a Public Place with the prescribed fee, to Council.

Your application must include full details of the sign or advertisement, including:

  • its contents, design, dimensions and construction
  • when, where and how you intend to exhibit the sign or advertisement.

Council will assess the application and may grant a permit subject to conditions. The sign or advertisement must not be exhibited until a permit is issued. Penalties apply.

Application forms and information kits are available from Councils website.

Additional information

It is strongly recommended that you, as the potential purchaser, apply for non-residential property information to establish the viability of purchasing this type of business. A search will provide the potential purchaser with a report on its legal compliance.

Administering agency

Logan City Council

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