Biosecurity Act 2014 - Queensland


The Biosecurity Act 2014 provides comprehensive biosecurity measures to safeguard Queensland's economy, agricultural and tourism industries, environment and way of life, from pest, diseases and contaminants. Decisions made under the Act will depend on the likelihood and consequences of the risk. This means risks can be managed more appropriately.

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Regulatory Obligation

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Lodgement process

To manage your biosecurity risks, you will need to take all reasonable and practical steps to prevent or minimise the risk. In determining the action to take, you will need to consider the likelihood and consequence of the risk for that specific circumstance.

Biosecurity Queensland will focus on providing education about reasonable and practical steps to minimise biosecurity risks. Information published by other reputable organisations could also help guide you in minimising biosecurity risks.

The Queensland Government will continue to take immediate action to manage biosecurity risks. Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, initial action can be taken if there is a reasonable belief that a serious risk exists, without having to wait for scientific confirmation.

You have to inform Biosecurity Queensland of a notifiable incident. A notifiable incident may include:

  • unexpected crop failures
  • unacceptable contaminant levels
  • blisters on the mouth or feet of stock
  • abnormally high mortality or morbidity rates in animals or plants
  • a sudden and unexplained fall in production
  • a contaminant (such as heavy metals, asbestos, residual organochlorine pesticides or pathogenic bacteria) above a prescribed threshold.

You have to advise an inspector of a notifiable incident when you:

  • become aware of the incident
  • believe that the incident is a notifiable incident or should reasonably believe the incident is a notifiable incident
  • have no reason to believe an inspector is already aware of the incident.

You should also not take any action likely to increase the risk and take all reasonable action to minimise the risk. 

You are obligated to notify an authorised officer of risks listed as prohibited matter and category 1 and 2 restricted matter.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Biosecurity Queensland

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