Botanical Information Services/Training to Business/Consultants - Queensland


These services are provided to ensure businesses/consultants obtain professional advice/services to enable them to meet the requirements of the State legislation in relation to Environmental Impact Assessments, Vegetation Management and Nature Conservation.

The Department provides the following to business and consultants:

Botanical Information Service

  • information from databases on the distribution of plants and plant communities within the State of Queensland.
  • a professional plant identification and advisory service so that businesses/consultants have the most current and correct information to assist in the preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA's).

Botanical and Regional Ecosystem Training Service

  • training consulting services to businesses in the areas of biodiversity (vegetation, regional ecosystems, plant identification) of Environmental Impact Assessment.

Botanical Consultancy Service

  • consultancy services to businesses in the areas of the biodiversity (vegetation, rare and threatened plants species and regional ecosystems) of Environmental Impact Assessments.

Service type

Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Eligibility requirements

The botanical information service is primarily Queensland based.  The botanical consultancy services include expertise for other Australian states and SE Asia.


You can obtain information on fees from the agency.

Publications Details process

The Queensland Herbarium produces a number of saleable publications which can be found at:

Additional information

The Administering Agency provides free information and data for the following:

Regional ecosystems maps of the remnant vegetation of Queensland (1:100,000 scale)
Regional ecosystem data for up to 3 Lots on Plan

Regional ecosystem database for the States 1,351 regional ecosystems

Administering agency

Environment and Resource Sciences

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Sciences Branch