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A cattery permit is required if you intend to keep more than three domestic cats, not for the purpose of breeding or showing.

Note: A material change of use of a commercial cattery of more than 10 cats will require development approval under the Integrated Planning Act 1997.

If you are breeding or showing cats, a breeder or show permit is required.

A cattery permit may not be granted if:

  • the cats are to be kept in:
  1. a boarding house
  2. a high density dwelling such as a home unit, townhouse or flat
  3. any other premises where there is public access to common areas.
  • the keeper of the animals has been refused a similar type of permit by another local authority
  • the area of land on which the animals are to be kept is less than 400 square metres
  • where the cats cannot be contained within the premises in which they are to be kept.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


You can obtain a schedule of fees from council. Fees and conditions are subject to change. To ensure that you receive the most accurate information, refer to council website.


Local law(s) name

Brisbane City Council - Animals Local Law 2003 (Consolidated version 2009) Part 2 Division 1

Application process

You can obtain this licence by completing an Animal permit application and submitting it to council.

Council will consider the following factors in deciding whether to grant this permit:

  • the land's physical suitability for the proposed use
  • the structural suitability of enclosures in which you intend to keep animals
  • the likelihood of the animals causing nuisance, inconvenience or annoyance to the occupiers of adjoining land
  • the likely effect on the amenity of the surrounding area
  • the likely effect on the local environment and any possible pollution or other environmental damage
  • other relevant factors to the circumstances of the particular case.

Additional information

Keeping of animals must comply with all relevant city plan provisions, local laws and Queensland government legislation. You must meet the conditions set out in the relevant animal permit conditions.

The conditions are standard conditions which will ordinarily be imposed on all permits required to keep a type of animal or carry out an activity. They do not limit councils power to set conditions on a particular permit pursuant to the Animal Local Law 2009. Applicants are reminded that they must also comply with any relevant minimum standards for the keeping of animals outlined in the Animals Subordinate Local Law 2003 (consolidated version 2009).

Administering agency

Brisbane City Council

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Brisbane City Council

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Mailing address: GPO Box 1434
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