Environmental authority for poultry farming - Queensland


You are required to obtain this Environmental Authority to operate the environmentally relevant activity of  poultry farming at 1000 or more birds.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


An environmental authority remains in force unless it is surrendered or cancelled.


Application process

How do I obtain it ?

Submit an application to the department's Intensive Livestock Environmental Regulation Unit at the address given in the contact list at the end of this summary sheet.


The environmental authority can be transferred.

An application to transfer an environmental authority may be made by the holder of that authority. The application must be signed by the existing holder and the proposed holder(s) of the environmental authority. More information on how to apply can be provided by contacting the office below.

The Environmental Protection Act requires that the proposed holder is a registered suitable operator.  Department of Environment and Heritage will check the applicant's suitability.

Additional information

The Business Queensland website includes a form and fee finder which can be used to determine which environmental authority is applicable, the administering authority, the forms and fees applicable and whether or not a development approval is also required.

Administering agency

Department of Environment and Science