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Why the Support is Provided?

This service is to provide clients with significant and cost effective project management, design, construction, commissioning, testing, maintenance, communications and operational skills in all areas of their electrical requirements for high voltage systems and telecommunications requirements.

What Support is Provided?


Ergon Energy is a recognised leader in the construction of modular substation solutions

Ergon Energy can provide you with construction services in the following areas:

  • modular buildings: substations, switch rooms, control rooms, communications buildings and capacitor banks
  • overhead high voltage and low voltage distribution lines;
  • switchyard erection;
  • substation construction;
  • underground high voltage and low voltage lines;
  • low voltage domestic switchboard installation (remote areas);
  • installation of control cables;
  • installation of fibre optic cables;
  • test and commission;
  • customer high voltage new residential development;
  • civil works supervision;
  • high voltage cable jointing; and
  • panel wiring.
  • renewable and hybrid power generation services
  • remote area power solutions.

With extensive skills, knowledge, equipment and experience of deployment into remote areas, Ergon Energy is able to provide you with a comprehensive construction service.


Ergon Energy has extensive experience in the maintenance and overhaul for substation plant and equipment.

Ergon Energy has the ability to provide maintenance and overhaul services for all electrical assets, including:

  • transformers; power and transformers;
  • testing of high voltage equipment;
  • high voltage diagnostic imaging services
  • protection and control systems;
  • oil sampling and filtering;
  • metering installations;
  • statutory testing of high voltage operating equipment.


Ergon Energy has the capability to provide a variety of metering services, including:

Energy Consulting:

  • design, installation, analysis, advice.

Investigation & Recordings:

  • load surveys (time of use, load profile, power factor recordings, Power supply disturbance recordings, harmonics recording, voltage recordings).

Energy Meter Testing & Servicing:

  • acceptance testing CT and whole current metering, installation refurbishment.

Energy Meter Audits:

  • CT ratio, wiring, voltage/current relation, pulsing values, multiplier confirmations, function checks, auxiliary equipment, equipment details.

In situ Energy Meter Tests:

  • on site in situ meter accuracy tests on class 0.5% kWh & 1% kVAh, Current injection/phantom load, CT/VT operated and whole current metering.

Commissioning and fault investigations:

  • verification testing, Fault finding.

Maintenance Services:

  • calibration & accuracy testing.

Energy Meter Testing:

  • calibration and accuracy testing up to class 0.2% energy meters, programming of electronic meters, verification testing of LV current transformers.

Instrument Repairs & Calibrations:

  • instruments calibrated and traceable to National Standards.

Ergon Energy holds a comprehensive and modern range of test equipment to support its diverse range of work


Ergon Energy has the capability to provide a variety of test services, including:

High voltage-

Power/distribution transformers:

  • high voltage acceptance and fault investigation tests, voltage ratio accuracy and winding resistance, winding insulation resistance and polarisation index, winding and bushing capacitance and dielectric loss angle measurement, sound level measurement and profiles, winding/oil temperature indicators calibration.

Instrument Transformers:

  • high voltage acceptance and fault investigation tests, voltage/current ratio accuracy and winding resistance, winding insulation resistance and polarisation index, capacitance and dielectric loss angle measurement, primary current injection.

High Voltage Switchgear/Circuit Breakers/Motors:

  • high voltage acceptance and fault investigation tests, CB trip/close timing, CB and switchgear contact resistance and insulation resistance, capacitance and dielectric loss angle measurement.

Elevated Platform Vehicles:

  • insulation resistance, high voltage tests and boom leakage current tests.

High Voltage/Low Voltage Cables:

  • high voltage acceptance and fault investigation test, underground fault location and pin pointing, insulation resistance and loop resistances.

High Voltage Operating Equipment:

  • high voltage tests and leakage tests, acceptance and periodic electrical tests, workplace health & safety, statutory requirement tests.

Secondary Equipment-

Protection Relays & Equipment:

  • commissioning and fault investigation, primary and secondary current and voltage injection, operating point and timing, preventive maintenance services.

Metering and Transducers:

  • commissioning and fault investigations, calibration and accuracy tests, primary and secondary current and voltage injection, preventive maintenance services.

Control Equipment and PLC's:

  • commissioning and fault investigations, program development and alterations, calibration and accuracy tests, preventive maintenance services.

Investigation and Recordings:

  • voltage levels, current, frequency investigation and recordings, power supply disturbance investigations and recordings, harmonics and negative phase sequence investigations and recordings, sound level investigations and recordings.

Service type

Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Eligibility requirements

Any business is eligible.


Pricing is determined on a commercial basis.

Additional information

Ergon Energy is a government owned corporation:

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited (trading as Ergon Energy) is a government owned corporation operating as a distribution entity under the Electricity Act 1994.

Ergon Energy owns and operates an electricity network infrastructure that covers 97 per cent of the State of Queensland and services approximately 650,000 customers. Ergon Energy has an asset base of almost $8 Billion with a workforce of over 4,000 employees.

Administering agency

Minister for Energy and Water Supply

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited

Ergon Energy

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Business Development Manager

Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited

Minister for Energy and Water Supply

Operating address: 25 Buchanan Road
Queensland 4014
Phone: 07 3621 9772
Fax: 07 3267 1707