Fire protection - Individual contractor or nominee supervisor or fire occupational licence - Queensland


As a contractor, you require the Fire protection contractor licence to carry out, supervise or certify fire protection work (under contract with a builder or consumer), within the scope of work definition for one of the classes of:

  • fire detection, alarm & warning systems
  • passive fire protection (fire and smoke walls and ceilings)
  • passive fire protection (fire collars, penetrations and joint sealing)
  • passive fire protection (fire doors and shutters)
  • portable fire equipment and hose reels (hose reels down stream of stop cock only)
  • fire hydrants and hose reels
  • fire pumps
  • sprinkler and suppression systems, reticulated water based
  • special hazard suppressions systems
  • emergency lighting
  • emergency procedures
  • fire safety professional.

Being a nominee supervisor licensee entitles you to supervise but not carry out building work within the scope of work prescribed for the particular licence class.

Please Note: Unlicensed contractors are required to state in their advertisements for building work the value of work they are entitled to carry out without a licence. Some examples of statements that comply with these requirements include:

  • cannot perform building work valued in excess of $3,300
  • cannot perform building work valued at more than $3,300
  • only work valued at $3,300 or less.

A penalty applies for an unlicensed contractor who fails to make such a statement in an advertisement.

If an advertisement by an unlicensed person does not refer to any sort of building work, no statement is required.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

You must provide evidence in the following areas:

  • technical qualifications;
  • managerial qualifications;
  • experience requirements; and
  • financial requirements.

As an applicant for a nominee supervisor licence you are not required to meet the financial requirements for licensing.

As an applicant for a Fire Occupational Licence, you will only be required to meet the technical qualification requirements.

These details are included in the application kit you can obtain from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.


This licence will remain in effect for 12 months from date of issue. Renewal notices are issued annually.

Application process

You must submit a completed Fire protection occupational licences application form.


This licence cannot be transferred.

Administering agency

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Contact details

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Phone: 139 333
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