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This service is provided to increase the productivity, profitability and competitiveness of the Queensland timber processing industry for the economic and social benefit of the State.

Agri-Science Queensland, Forest Products Innovations, a service of the department, conducts funded research and offers only limited services.

Timber Seasoning

The Customer Service Centre offers the following information to enquirers about timber seasoning:

The Australian timber seasoning manual which is available from Australasian Furniture Research and Development Institute.

The Australian Best Practice Manual: Parts 1 & 2 which can be downloaded from Forest and Wood Products Australia.

Timber Moisture Content and Density Services

You can access limited advice and testing of submitted samples. This service attracts a fee.

Timber Identification

Agri-Science Queensland provides timber identification services to determine the species of unknown timber samples at standard department consulting rates. For example:

  • matching new timbers to existing ones eg, for renovations and extensions
  • shipwrecks
  • imported timbers

Termites and timber borers in general

You can obtain information on this topic from the department's website.

Service type

Support Service

A service offered by government to aid in running a business.

Eligibility requirements

No specific eligibility criteria apply.


You can obtain information about current fees for the services which are available from the Customer Service Centre.

Publications Details process

Publications containing information about timber properties, use and pests is available from the department's website.

Additional information

Agri-Science Queensland is a research and development facility providing research on a contractual basis with only limited services which normally attract a fee. You can obtain further advice about services from the Customer Service Centre.

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