Racing Act 2002 - Queensland


Object or Purpose of this legislative Instrument:

This Act is in place to:

  • maintain public confidence in the racing of animals in Queensland for which betting is lawful;
  • ensure the integrity of all persons involved in racing under the Act; and
  • safeguard the welfare of all animals involved in racing under the Act.

Scope of this legislative Instrument:

The Act provides for:

  • the licensing of a corporation established under the Corporations Act (after probity and integrity checks are carried out) as a control body for a code of racing;
  • the approval of new codes of racing;
  • the requirements and approval process to obtain a control body approval (licence);
  • the issuing of an eligibility certificate (after probity and integrity checks are carried out), to applicants for a racing bookmaker's licence. The holder of an eligibility certificate can then apply to a control body for a racing bookmaker's licence;
  • the accreditation of facilities to provide drug testing and scientific services for control bodies;
  • the prohibition of unlawful betting.
  • the granting of race information authorities to licensed wagering operators by control bodies.
  • the Regulation provides for the composition of country racing associations and matters relating to race information authorities.

The following Subordinate Legislation should be examined:

  • Racing Regulation 2003

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Act(s) name

Racing Act 2002 QLD

Additional information

The licensing of persons such as jockeys, trainers and harness drivers are administered by the control body for the appropriate racing code. For the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound codes of racing, contact Racing Queensland Limited.

Appeal process


Compliance Mechanisms and Penalties

Control bodies that do not comply with the conditions of their approval or provisions of the Racing Act 2002 may be issued a notice to show cause why their approval should not be suspended or cancelled.

Control bodies established under the Act are responsible for the management of their code of racing, including the licensing all participants, clubs, venues and animals involved in the code. Control bodies are required to develop polices and rules of racing in relation to all aspects of the management of their code.

Penalties for offences include fines or imprisonment.

It is an offence for a licensed wagering operator to use Queensland race information without having been granted a race information authority. Penalties include fines or imprisonment.

Review or Appeal Mechanisms

The Act provides that a control body may establish an appeal committee to hear appeals involving minor penalties from the decisions of stewards of a control body.

An appeal may be made to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal against:

  • a decision of a control body to refuse to grant or renew a licence; take disciplinary action relating to a licence or impose a penalty of over $250 on a person;
  • a decision of an appeal committee;
  • a decision of a steward, if there is no right of appeal to an appeal committee against the decision.

The contact details for the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal are:

Level 9

Bank of Queensland Centre

  1. 59 Queen Street
Brisbane 4000

(GPO Box 1638 Brisbane 4001)

Ph: 1300 753 228

Fax: (07) 3221 9156


Administering agency

Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs

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Director, (Investigations and Compliance)

Office of Racing Regulation

Office of Racing

Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing

Operating address: Level 15, 111 George Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address: Locked Bag 180
Queensland 4001
Phone: 07 3234 1400
Fax: 07 3234 1411
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