Register of Commercial Fisheries Authorities & Development Approvals Applications - Queensland


Why the Support is Provided?

This service is provided to make details contained in the Fisheries Queensland register of authorities available to applicants through the FishNet public register or by contacting Fisheries Queensland directly.

Service type

Advisory Material

Advisory material provides advice and guidance in undertaking a business.

Eligibility requirements

To access the register you must submit a completed application form with the fee to Fisheries Queensland at the address given in the contact list at the end of this summary sheet. You should contact the Department prior to lodging the completed form to obtain an estimate of the cost.


Additional information

The following details are available in the Register:

1. About a client:
Full name, Postal address

2. About an authority:
Type, Number, Issue date, Expiry date, Status, Fisher symbols, Species, Approved area, Purpose, Conditions, Third party interest, Non standard conditions, Third party interest, Total number of a particular type or with fishery symbol

3. About a boat:
Name, Boat Mark, Length, Breadth, Depth, Hull units, Effort unit conversion factor (T1 and T2 only), Main engine power

4. About the Quota
Trawl, Effort Units, Reef line, Number of Line Units under suspension, Coral Trout Units, Red Throat Emperor Units
Other Species Units
Spanish mackerel; Spanish Mackerel Units, Number of Spanish Mackerel Units under suspension
Spanner crab

Fax and phone numbers and residential address details are not available.

Administering agency

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Fisheries Queensland

Licensing and Fisheries Information

Contact details

Contact Email, Phone and Address Details for this service in simple two column table format, header then data.

Please use these contact details for help or more information:

Licensing and Fisheries Information

Fisheries Queensland

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Operating address: Fisheries Queensland, 80 Ann Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address: GPO Box 2764
Queensland 4001
Phone: 13 25 23
Phone: 07 3225 1850
Website: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Opens in new window)