State Planning Policy 2017 - Natural Hazards, risk and resilience - Bushfire - Queensland


The State Planning Policy (SPP) is a key component of Queensland's planning system. The SPP expresses the state's interests in land use planning and development. The SPP includes a state interest - Natural hazards, risk and resilience - bushfire, which seeks to ensure that the risks associated with bushfire hazard, including the projected impacts of climate change, are avoided or mitigated to protect people and property and enhance the community's resilience. The SPP has effect throughout Queensland and sits above regional plans and planning schemes in the hierarchy of planning instruments under the Planning Act 2016. The SPP applies, to the extent relevant, when making or amending a local planning instrument. The local government must consider how the relevant parts of the SPP apply in their local area and appropriately integrated those parts of the SPP in a local planning instrument.

The Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning (DSDMIP) administers the SPP, providing advice to other State agencies, local governments and the public regarding the policy's intent, functions and implementation. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) fulfills a technical advice role for bushfires, determined by the SPP, as the State Bushfire Prone Area Mapping administrator. QFES also provides associated bushfire policy advice regarding development of state and local government planning instruments. State infrastructure and other significant projects within bushfire prone areas. 

Local governments are the primary assessment manager for non-state infrastructure and other development occurring in bushfire prone areas. QFES is not a designated referral agency for these development matters.

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