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If you are the owner of any property where a business or businesses are conducted and the business operator, you must hold a trade waste approval for each discharge of trade waste on that property. The trade waste approval sets down the conditions by which council will allow the discharge of trade waste into its sewerage system.

Local governments control the discharge of trade waste under their trade waste policy and the trade waste laws of the Water Act 2000. You must not discharge trade waste into sewerage other than under an approval issued or given by a local government under the Water Act 2000.

You must lodge an application, signed by the owner, or duly authorised agent, and the generator, at the following times in respect of any premises where trade waste is generated or likely to be generated:

  • during the processing of a building application for new premises or extensions intended for industrial and/or commercial usage;
  • by a change in tenancy of such premises;
  • by a shop fit out of such premises;
  • during the processing of an application to strata title such premises;
  • from existing premises where trade waste is generated and no permit/agreement has been issued; or
  • by a change of ownership of a premises.

You cannot discharge prohibited substances and stormwater to sewer. A list of prohibited substances for sewerage is available in Schedule 1, Water Act 2000 and includes such things as whole blood, hair, entrails, oil, grease, flammable or explosive solid, liquid or gaseous substance (including petrol). Prohibited substances are detrimental to the sewerage system and can injure the councils personnel.

Trade waste approval is required for a wide range of business activities. Examples of business activities that require trade waste approval are:

  • food and beverage preparation
  • manufacturing, including food and beverages, textiles, leather, paper, wood and plastic, tanneries, wool processing, glass, plaster, resin, ceramic or brick manufacture and stone working
  • farms or clubs using organic and inorganic fertilisers, weedkillers or insecticides
  • mining
  • abbatoirs and butchers
  • metal processing, finishing, fabricating or engineering operations
  • hospitals, dental clinics, veterinary clinics and educational, testing or research laboratories
  • vehicle and plant-related businesses including truck drivers, car parks and transport depots, panel beaters, spray painters, car washes, service stations, wreckers, plant, vehicle and equipment hire and washing
  • cleaning services, dry cleaning, carpet cleaning, bottle washing and laundry operations
  • swimming pool operations
  • any business activities that involve chemicals such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, inks, paints, photographic chemicals, soaps and detergents.

The discharge of illegal substances costs the community money by blocking the sewerage system, damaging components and adversely affecting the treatment process.

On-site pre-treatment

You can have most prohibited substances such as oil, grease, gross solids, etc. removed by on site pre-treatment. Pre-treatment can be by grease or silt arrestors. You must have this equipment serviced in accordance with the conditions of the trade waste approval issued for the business operation.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


This approval shall remain in effect from the date of issue until the end of the current financial year. It will continue to remain in effect for each subsequent financial year for which you have the approval renewed, until the approval is cancelled or suspended. This approval is deemed to be renewed upon your payment of the annual fees and charges levied by council.


Contact council to determine applicable fees.


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Transfer process

You cannot transfer this permit. Trade waste approvals are not transferable in the event of either a change of ownership of a property, or a lease of a shop, factory etc. The existing approval is, however, subject to renewal in both cases.

Application process

Submit a completed 'Trade Waste Application' form to council. You should arrange for final inspections to be completed.


You cannot transfer this approval. If you change property ownership or lease a business establishment, you will have to reapply for a new approval.

Administering agency

Logan City Council

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Logan City Council

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Mailing address: PO Box 3226
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