Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 (Chapter 6) - Queensland


Chapter 6 establishes a framework under which the construction, maintenance or operation of a State-controlled road (SCR) can be carried out.

In relation to roads, the sections of the Act establish a regime under which roads of national and State significance can be effectively planned and efficiently managed and influence exerted over the total road network (including local government roads) to contribute to overall transport efficiency.

The Act also provides for adequate levels of safety to be maintained and sets out the requirements for road franchise agreements and road works contracts.

Many activities on or near a SCR require a Road Corridor Permit (RCP).  These activities, known as ancillary works and encroachments (AWEs) are set out in Schedule 6 of the TIA. 

Activities in the road corridor which do not require a RCP such as temporary grazing, rubbish bin collection and some community fundraising activities, are set out in the Ancillary Works and Encroachments Notice (No. 1) 2009 which was published in the Queensland Government Gazette No. 70 on 20 March 2009.

 Information on obtaining a RCP is set out on the Road Corridor Permit web page.

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Regulatory Obligation

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Transport Infrastructure (State-controlled Roads) Regulation 2017 QLD

Lodgement process


Provisions exist in the Act to prevent damage to roads, ensure road safety, regulate ancillary works and encroachments on roads and regulate access to roads.

Breaches of these provisions may incur fines.

Appeal process


An appeal against a decision made under the Act may be made to the appropriate court as specified in the Schedule to the Act.

Administering agency

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Policy, Planning and Investment Division

Road System Policy

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Road Policy Team

Road System Policy

Policy, Planning and Investment Division

Department of Transport and Main Roads

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