Water Carrier Permit and Water Tanker Approval (Sunshine Coast) - Queensland


Potable water carriers transporting drinking water are now regulated under the Food Act 2006 and require a licence from Unitywater. Please contact Unitywater for details.

Water carriers fit into two distinct categories:

  • those that carry potable (drinking) water and
  • those that carry non-potable (not for drinking water).

Water carriers transporting water for non-drinking purposes are regulated under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.

Unity water may grant this permit if satisfied that:

  • the water you are distributing is of a appropriate quality for domestic purposes
  • your business complies with other criteria specified by local law policies.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


Contact Unitywater to determine the period this permit remain sin effect.


Contact Unitywater to determine applicable fees.


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Application process

Contact Unitywater for further information on the application process.

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Unitywater regulate the drawing and cartage of water to:

  • ensure that water supplied by water tankers for domestic consumption or use is of high quality and potable
  • protect from contamination both water supplied and the water supply from which this water is taken.


Unitywater may grant permits based on the following conditions:


  • restricts the sources of supply from which you may take water for your business
  • restricts or prevents using water tankers for any purposes other than domestic water distribution.


  • only distribute water in your business that is fit for human consumption and complies with standards set by the relevant Local Law policy
  • take samples of water periodically, analyse the bacteriological and mineral content and provide Unitywater with the results of the analysis
  • only take water from sources specified in the permit
  • only supply water for domestic purposes that complies with the World Health Organisation 1995 guidelines and/or the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines for drinking water quality
  • only use water tankers for water suitable for domestic purposes
  • maintain the interior of each water tank in a clean and hygienic condition, free from rust and foreign matter
  • display the permit number and water tanker approval number the Unitywater issues you on each water tank, with the letters and numbers not less than 75mm in height
  • display the trading name and telephone number of the water carrier on the tank, with the letters not less than 75mm in height
  • take reasonable steps to prevent contamination of any source of supply, distribution tank and receptacle into which you transfer water.

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