Licence to export explosives - Queensland


A licence is required for you to export explosives under the Explosives Act 1999 to another country through sea ports and airports and possess the explosives for that purpose.

The licence does not cover transport, sale, manufacture or storage of the explosives. It also doesn't apply to:

  • an explosive that's part of the operational equipment of a road vehicle or boat, including airbags and distress signals that are part of the boat's safety equipment
  • explosives held in bond under the Customs Prohibited Export Regulation 1958.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility Requirements

You must:

  • be an adult
  • be an appropriate person under S15 of the Explosives Act 1999
  • be able to read and understand the English language to the satisfaction of the Chief Inspector of Explosives.
  • comply with codes of practice and standards called up by the Explosives Act 1999.

This licence may be applied for by a person (person is defined as an individual or corporation (public company, private company, club, association, government agency or partnership).

Prior to completing the application, the applicant must decide whether to apply as an individual or a corporation.

If an individual is a person having an interest in a corporation and the corporation is the separate legal entity responsible for the intended explosives operations and activities, the individual must apply using the corporate licence application form.

An individual who does not have an interest in a corporation would apply using the individual licence application form.

The required items section of the application form outlines all prerequisite licensing requirements.


This licence is effective for a period of 1 year of 5 years from the date of approval.


Refer to Applying for a licence or permit in Other resources below.

Note: additional security fees will apply for new individual applicants including owners, directors, office bearers or any person having an interest in a corporation.

Additional Information

Explosives being imported into Queensland must be an authorised explosive by the Chief Inspector of Explosives.

Customs legislation may be involved.

The Chief Inspector of Explosives must be notified prior to import.

Administering agency

Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Explosives Inspectorate

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Manager, Explosives Licensing

Mailing address: PO BOX 15216
City East, Queensland 4002
Mailing address: Level 4
1 William Street
Brisbane City, Queensland 4000
Phone: 07 3199 8023
Website: Explosives Inspectorate contacts (Opens in new window)