Public Health Act 2005 (Chapter 4 Infection Control for Health Care Facilities) - Queensland


Object or Purpose of this legislative Instrument:

The primary objective of the Act is to protect and promote the health of the Queensland public by providing the basic safeguards necessary to protect public health through cooperation between the State Government, local governments, health care providers and the community.

Scope of this legislative Instrument:

The Public Health Act 2005 establishes criteria for the requirements and standards to be followed by providers of declared health services in relation to infection control practices and public health. The Act imposes a general obligation on persons involved in the provision of a declared health service (such as an acupuncture clinic) to take reasonable precautions and care to minimise the risk of infection to other persons. It also requires certain health care facilities to develop and implement an infection control management plan (ICMP). An ICMP must identify the potential infection risks, detail the measures to be taken to prevent or minimise the risks, provide how the implementation of the ICMP is to be monitored and reviewed, and provide for staff training about the ICMP.

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Regulatory Obligation

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