Application for a Major Hazard Facility - Victoria


This application will be required if you intend to operate a major hazard facility. A major hazard facility (MHF) is a facility where large quantities of hazardous materials and dangerous goods are stored, handled and / or processed. You will require this licence if you intend to operate a business using large quantities of schedule 14 materials. Schedule 14 materials are listed within the regulations.

This application is comprised of three steps: notification, registration and licence.

Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance (if any) that may be required.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.


An exemption from notification exists if you store under 10% of the threshold quantities. Please contact the Authority for further information.

Eligibility requirements


Notification requires that you must notify WorkSafe in writing either:

  • before operations commence (if operation of an MHF is intended)
  • within thirty days if the applicant stores greater than the 10% threshold quantities of dangerous goods
  • immediately if the applicant stores greater than 100% of the threshold quantities.


Pending your notification, WorkSafe will determine if the facility is an MHF. If the facility is an MHF WorkSafe will register it as such.

Following registration, the you have 30 months to achieve full safety compliance which includes the licence to operate a major hazard facility. Furthermore, you are also required within 24 months to submit a safety case to WorkSafe for assessment.


If the licensing requirements for a licence to operate an MHF are met, WorkSafe will grant an MHF licence. A licence fee applies. WorkSafe will advise the applicant of the amount.

If the applicant is not granted a licence to operate an MHF then the facility will have to either:

  • cease operations
  • reduce store of threshold quantities of Schedule 14 materials to under 100%
  • if the facility was determined as an MHF to a quantity determined by WorkSafe.

Ongoing eligibility requirements

It is an ongoing requirement of this approval that you abide by all industry legislation and codes of practice and any specific conditions on the approval. You must provide any relevant records and information as required by the authority, and you must notify the Authority of any licence detail changes in writing.

You may need to have an annual inspection, and regular on-site visits from the Agency.


Registration is issued for a maximum thirty months, with an option to extend for a further six months. The licence issued up to five years.


Fees Details for this service in table format.

Task Type Business Structure Description
Apply Application All

No fee is required for notification.

Apply Application All No fee is required for registration.
Apply Licence All The fee for licensing varies. The fee is capped at $94,949.51 (fee 2018-2019).

Act(s) name

Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 Victoria

Regulation(s) name

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 Victoria

Application process


Please lodge an application form, fees, and any associated documents directly with the Agency. It is advisable to discuss your application with the Agency before you formally apply.

Approval time

Approximately 30 days, although legislation allows up to 90 days.

Administering agency

Department of Treasury and Finance

WorkSafe Victoria

Contact details

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Please use these contact details for help or more information:

Licensing Branch

WorkSafe Victoria

Department of Treasury and Finance

Operating address: 1 Malop Street
Geelong, Victoria 3220
Mailing address: GPO BOX 4293
Melbourne, Victoria 3001
Phone: 03 9641 1555
Phone: 1300 852 562
Website: WorkSafe Victoria (Opens in new window)