AS 3533 Amusement Rides and Devices - Western Australia


You will need to comply with this standard if you are an employer, main contractor, self-employed person, person in control of a workplace or person in control of access at a workplace and intend to operate, maintain and inspect amusement structures.

Amusement structures are equipment operated for hire or reward which provide entertainment or amusement through movement of the equipment, or part of the equipment, or when passengers travel on, around or along the equipment or move the equipment through self-powered motion. Examples include Ferris wheels or carousels.

This standard specifies requirements for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and inspection of amusement structures, and comprises:

  • AS 3533.1-1997 Amusement rides and devices - Design and construction
  • AS 3533.1 SUPP 1-2003 Amusement rides and devices - Design and construction - Intrinsic safety
  • AS 3533.2-2009 Amusement rides and devices - Operation and maintenance
  • AS 3533.3-2003 Amusement rides and devices - In-service inspection
  • AS 3533.4.1-2018 Amusement rides and devices - Specific requirements - Land-borne inflatable devices.

Service type

Code of Practice

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Act(s) name

Work Health and Safety Act 2020 Western Australia

Regulation(s) name

Work Health and Safety (General) Regulations 2022 Western Australia

Administering agency

Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety


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