Small Bar Licence - New South Wales

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You will require this licence if you intend to operate a small bar that does not exceed more than 60 patrons. You can apply for this licence as an individual or a corporation. Please note that if you intend to operate a bar with a capacity larger than 60 patrons, you will need to apply under other licence types that are available such as the general bar licence.

Gaining this licence allows alcohol to be sold and consumed on your premises. Please be aware that this licence does not permit the operation of gaming machines or authorise take away alcohol sales.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this licence, the Authority must be satisfied that:

  • where required, development consent has been obtained from the local consent authority (usually the local Council) to operate a small bar during the proposed trading hours
  • you are a fit and proper person for the purpose of the licence
  • responsible serving practices will be in place
  • notification in regards to any Development Application has been provided to the relevant Agencies. If this notification has not been provided within two working days then a Community Impact Statement (CIS) is required
  • where CIS is required, that the overall social impact will not be detrimental to the well-being of the local or broader community
  • in the case of an extended trading authorisation, that the quiet and good order of the neighbourhood will not be disturbed.

Please be aware that you can apply as an individual or a corporation. If you are applying as a corporation you must have an appointed manager that has been approved by the Authority. This is a separate application process.

Please consult the Contact Officer for more information regarding eligibility requirements.




Additional risk-based loadings (fees that reflect the level of risk posed by your venue and its operation) may apply.

Variation$1,600.00If you also apply for extended training hours.

Additional authorisations and exemptions may be obtained for additional fees.

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Lodge the application form with payment and supporting documents directly with the Authority.

Additional information

Trading hours are between midday and 2:00am. If you intend to trade outside these hours, you can apply for an extended trading authorisation. This application can be lodged with the small bar licence application (there is an option for extended trading authorisation on the small bar licence application form), or after the application has been approved.

Administering agency

Department of Industry
Liquor and Gaming NSW

Act(s) name

Liquor Act 2007 (New South Wales)

Regulation(s) name

Liquor Regulation 2008 (New South Wales)

Contact details

Liquor Applications
Department of Industry
Liquor and Gaming NSW

Operating address:
GPO BOX 7060
Sydney, New South Wales 2001
Operating address:
Level 6
323 Castlereagh Street
Haymarket, New South Wales 2000


1300 024 720

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