Analysis Reporting on ABLIS usage and data trends

Welcome to the ABLIS Analysis site. Here we deliver reporting on how ABLIS is being used and how well it is performing. For example, reporting on searches for business types will help state business authorities understand trends of business activity intention or demand for certain types of licences or permits within certain locations.

We will deliver reports on which types of business activities are being searched for; the numbers of searches by postcode; and by Local Government Area (LGA). We’ll also report on our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which demonstrate the success of the ABLIS system, such as peak usage times and duration of visits. Additionally, we’ll show the breakdown of searches (both guided and custom), reporting on the rates of completion (the ability to access the results) and drop-off (abandonment of search at various stages).

NOTE that we don’t report on how the data powering the ABLIS site is actually changing (data audit reporting).

View the dashboard Link to the ABLIS Reports dashboard, opens in new window