Contractor Licence - Plumbing - Company/Partnership - New South Wales

Service summary

You will require this licence if you intend to contract, sub-contract and/or advertise to carry out any of the following categories of specialist work as a company or partnership: plumbing, water plumbing, draining, gasfitting, LP gasfitting and advanced LP gasfitting work (including domestic, commercial or industrial). Your licence will specify what categories of specialist work you are authorised to perform.

Plumbing includes water plumbing, roof plumbing and works of sewerage. Water plumbing includes plumbing involved in a fire service such as a fire sprinkler system, urban irrigation, and water supply. Water supply includes any work on pipes and fitting in a building in which any part of a sewerage service is connected to a septic tank or effluent system.

Gasfitting includes work on a gas installation (other than an autogas installation) connected or intended to be connected to a compressed natural gas container.

LP gasfitting work is restricted to work on a gas installation designed to carry liquefied petroleum gas in vapour phase only at pressures not exceeding 150 kilopascals.

Service type


A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this licence, the company or partnership must:

  • Employ a person that holds a Qualified Supervisor Certificate or an Endorsed Contractor Licence (Q); and
  • Be registered with ASIC.

All relevant persons to the application (director of company or member of partnership) must:

  • Be considered a fit and proper person for the purposes of the licence;
  • Not be disqualified from holding an authority under the relevant legislation;
  • Have the necessary qualifications and practical experience as specified by the Authority,
  • Not be a debtor to NSW Fair Trading or Administration Corporation;
  • Not be subject to an unsatisfied Tribunal order;
  • Not hold any authority which is currently suspended or have had an unreasonable number of complaints, penalties or cautions against you; and
  • Have not performed work subject to an unreasonable number of insurance claims;
  • Not be bankrupt or a director or person concerned in the management of a company that is the subject of a winding up order or for which a controller or administrator has been appointed;
  • Not, within the period of 3 years before the date of the application, have been bankrupt or a director or person concerned in the management of a company when the company was the subject of a winding up order or when a controller or administrator was appointed;
  • Have not been a director, partner or person concerned in the management of a company or partnership that was disqualified from holding an authority within 3 years before the date of the application, unless the Director-General is satisfied that the applicant took all reasonable steps to prevent the conduct that led to the disqualification;
  • Provide details of required insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund; and
  • Pay any required fees.


3 years.


Anniversary of the date of issue.



For information on any fees to be submitted with your application, please refer to the attached Home Building Fees page from the NSW Fair Trading website.



You are required to indicate the name of the company/partnership's nominated qualified supervisor.


A renewal notice is sent out by the Agency 6 weeks prior to the expiry date.

Approval time

Applications will generally be assessed within 28 days.

Administering agency

Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
NSW Fair Trading

Act(s) name

Home Building Act 1989 (New South Wales)

Regulation(s) name

Home Building Regulation 2014 (New South Wales)

Contact details

Enquiries, Home Building Licensing
Department of Finance, Services and Innovation
NSW Fair Trading

Mailing address:
PO BOX 972
Parramatta, New South Wales 2124


13 32 20

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