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Please Note: Incomplete or incorrect applications may be refused by Brisbane City Council.

You must apply for a Temporary lane/road closure assessment from Brisbane City Council if you want to close a council-controlled road, lane or council parking bay in the Brisbane City Council area.

This application is for a council assessment of the impact of the closure on traffic. It is not a permit. Road closure permits are issued by Queensland Police. You must provide council's assessment to Queensland Police when you apply for the permit.

If you want to close a state-controlled road or lane (a main road), you need to apply to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

If you are not sure whether the road is council-controlled or state-controlled, contact council.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

If you are a religious or charitable organisation, you may be eligible for a fee exemption for this application.

Charitable organisations must be listed by name in Appendix A of council's fees and charges and be registered with the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading as a Charitable Purpose (CH type) to be exempt (proof is required). Charities registered as a Community Purpose (CP type) are not eligible.

Religious organisation must be of one of the types listed in Appendix A of the council's fees and charges.

Local, state and federal government agencies and other organisations approved by council are exempt from fees.

If you are uncertain whether you are eligible for a fee exemption, please contact council.

Installation costs, including lost revenue from parking meters are also required to be paid. If installation costs apply, council will advise the full costs after evaluation of the application.


This assessment cannot be transferred.


The assessment is issued for the period specified on the certificate and cannot be renewed.


You can obtain a schedule of fees from council. Fees and conditions are subject to change. To ensure that you receive the most accurate information, refer to council website.

Contact council to determine applicable fees.


Complete the Temporary lane/road closure assessment application form and submit it to council either by mail or email with the correct fees and all required documentation attached.

Attach the following documentation to your application:

Traffic control plan (if required) - in accordance with Part 3 of the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, manual of uniform traffic control devices and include a map which can be sketched, showing the location of work as applicable. The plan must include:

  • alternate route planned
  • impact on public transport
  • impact on local residents and services
  • impact on parking
  • what provision is made for emergency vehicles, heavy vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • public consultation process
  • the closure is managed by accredited traffic controllers
  • in the case of festivals, advice of public liability insurance.

Registered charities - a copy of the registration issued by Queensland Government, Office of Fair Trading.

Please provide all mandatory information and documentation when making an application. If you submit an application that is substantially incomplete or incorrect, Brisbane City Council will not be able to process the application. Council will not refund fees in this case. You may need to pay a resubmission fee if you resubmit an application that has previously been refused for this reason.

Administering agency

Brisbane City Council

Contact details

Brisbane City Council

Operating address:
Library & Customer Centre, 266 George Street
Queensland 4000
Mailing address:
GPO Box 1434
Queensland 4001


07 3403 8888


07 3403 9982


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