Australian Standard AS 2001.4.21 Method of Test for Textiles - Colourfastness Tests - Determination of Colourfastness to Light using an Artificial Light Source (Mercury Vapour, Tungsten Filament, Internally Phosphor-Coated Lamp) - Australian Government


Note that this standard has been updated and you will need to meet the requirements set out in AS 2001.4.21-2006.

You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to import printed fabric. Depending on the source of the fabric, you may be required to pay customs duties.

For the purpose of assessing tariff duties, fabric is classified as printed if it has been printed in a manner that produces a designed or patterned effect employing contrasts in colours over the whole of the fabric and it complies with the fastness standard contained in this standard, or in Australian Standard AS 2001.4.15.

This standard describes a method for determining the colourfastness of textiles to light, using an artificial light source.

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Customs Tariff Regulations 2004 Australian Government

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