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You will need this licence if you intend to fly light, single-engine aircraft as the pilot in command, independently of a flight training organisation and without supervision.

A recreational pilot licence allows you to fly an aircraft:

  • up to 25 nautical miles from the aerodrome where the flight began
  • within the designated training area
  • on a direct route from the aerodrome where the flight began and the designated training area.

You may receive a licence for the following aircraft types:

  • Aeroplane (A)
  • Helicopter (H)
  • Gryoplane (G)
  • Airship (AS)
  • Powered lift (PL)
  • Glider (GL).

You may receive a class rating for the following class of aircraft:

  • Single-engine aircraft
  • Multi-engine aircraft
  • Single-engine helicopter.

You are only permitted to operate the type and class of aircraft that is listed on your licence. You receive class and type ratings according to the competency based training units that you have undertaken at approved flight training organisations or under the authority of an Air Operator Certificate.

Please be aware that there are comprehensive design endorsements, operational ratings, operational endorsements and flight activity endorsements that must be listed on your licence before you can undertake certain activities.

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A licence defines the need to obtain recognition / certification and registration to undertake a certain business activity.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible for this licence you must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • complete the relevant flight training
  • undertake a general English language assessment (only required for the first category rating)
  • pass an RPL theory exam (this can be set and conducted by your flying school)
  • pass an RPL flight test
  • have at least 25 hours flying time including a minimum of 20 hours dual and five hours as pilot-in-command.


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Apply Application All $50.00

Issue of Recreational Pilot Licence (Australian Trained) - processing and consideration. Fees for 2023-24


Act(s) name

Civil Aviation Act 1988 Australian Government

Regulation(s) name

Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998 Australian Government

Administering agency

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

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