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You must comply with these agreements, protocols, treaties and conventions if you intend to operate a telecommunications carrier service.

A telecommunications carriage carries communications by means of guided and / or unguided electromagnetic energy, such as a telephone or internet service. The agreements, protocols, treaties and conventions have been developed to put in place measures to ensure that the delivery of telecommunications services in no way impact negatively on the environment.

When carrying out any of the following activities, you must comply with any relevant international agreement, treaty or convention:

  • inspecting land to determine if it is suitable for the purposes of providing a telecommunications service
  • installing a telecommunications facility
  • maintaining a telecommunications facility.

The agreements, treaties, protocols and conventions cover a range of topics such as:

  • preventing the spread of destructive plant diseases and pests
  • requirements concerning the identification, protection and conservation of world heritage properties
  • international trade in species threatened with extinction (including tropical timber species)
  • reinforcing Australia's commitment to protect migratory birds and their environment
  • in national parks and reserve areas, measures to safeguard natural ecosystems and preserve biological diversity
  • protection, management and development of marine and coastal environments
  • use of ozone depleting substances, including CFCs, halons and less damaging transitional chemicals such as HCFCs
  • minimisation of hazardous waste generation, and to ensure environmentally sound management of wastes
  • the development of methods and equipment for reprocessing industrial and domestic wastes, and the control of noise pollution.

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Telecommunications Act 1997 Australian Government

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Telecommunications Regulations 2021 Australian Government

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Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Communications Infrastructure

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